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Business and Management is a discipline that covers all the topics that are required to develop an understanding of how to successfully run a business. It educates students on the functioning of an organisation and steps to develop strategies on how to improve and make a business efficient. Committing to a degree in Business and Management will help students launch a promising and stable career. Majoring in Business and Management is the perfect path to tread for aspiring entrepreneurs and aspiring businesspersons. The course will equip students with relevant skills that will enable them to plan, execute, analyse and supervise the operation of a business enterprise.

The curriculum inculcated in a Business and Management degree will help students understand and navigate through the in's and out's of a business establishment. This field of study will impart knowledge regarding the establishment of a company or organization and other facets like production, finances, administration, human resources, marketing, and so on.

By the end of a specialised study in Business and Management, a student would have developed knowledge about the running of a successful business and directing the organisation's business strategy. Pursuing a degree in Business and Management provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to set foot into an ever-expanding industry. It also enables candidates to hone and polish the skills required in setting up business and entrepreneurship undertakings.


Primarily, there are two levels of studies in the field of Business and Management- Undergraduate and post-graduate. However, after completing their post-graduate studies, students also can take their education and specialisation further by pursuing a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in a field of their interest.

Business and Management degrees include:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
Bachelor of Hospitality Management (BHM)
Bachelor of Hospital Management- BHA
Bachelor in Sports Management- BSM
Bachelors in Business Economics- (BBE)
Business Administration plus a Diploma in Business Administration- {BBA+DBA (Specialization)}
Business Administration + Graduate Diploma in Business Management- (BBA+ GDBM)
Computer-Aided Management- (B.CAM)
Commerce (Management)- B.Com (Management)
Integrated MBA at the undergraduate level
Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
Masters of Hotel Management (MHM)
Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics - PGDBA
Post Graduate Program in Management- PGP (Management)
Master of Commerce -
Master in Computer Management- MCM
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management - PGDBM
Master of Financial Management - MFM
Master of Philosophy in Management- Phil (Management)
Executive Post Graduate Program - EPGP
Master of Management Studies- MMS
Master of Event Management- EVM
Master of Business Studies- MBS


Business and Management offers an extensive list of specialisations for students to base their careers upon.

Listed below is the vast array of options available to students:


Human Resource

    Human Resource
    Marketing and Sales
    Family Business
    Banking and Insurance
    Tourism and Hospitality
    International Business
    Foreign Trade
Checking Lettuce Growth


    Organizational Management
    Project Management
    Rural Management
    Materials Management
    Business Economics
    Agriculture and Food Business
    Textile Management
Fishing Net

Business Analytics

    Event Management
    Business Analytics
    Health Care Management
    Business Analytics
    IT and Systems
    NGO Management
    Supply chain


Bagging a degree in Business and Management opens up a wide avenue of employment opportunities. Business and Management is a field of study that prepares students for a stable future. As long as there are successful business enterprises in the market there will be an endless demand for people capable of running one. Business and Management graduates are in high demand as there is an infinite number of business organisations in the market.

Listed below are some career choices that await a Business and Management graduate -

Operations Manager | Event Manager. | Banker | Sales Representative | Human Resources Officer
Entrepreneur | Sales Associate | Marketing Manager | Business Analyst | Account Manager
Actuarial Analyst | Arbitrator | Business Adviser | Business Analyst | Business Development Manager
Chartered Management Accountant | Corporate investment banker | Data analyst
Data scientist | Forensic accountant | Insurance underwriter | Management consultant
Project manager | Risk manager | Stockbroker | Supply chain manager

Jobs where a degree in Business and Management would be useful include:

Construction manager | Costs lawyer | Environmental engineer | External auditor
Human resources officer | Logistics and distribution manager | Marketing executive
Mortgage adviser | Retail manager | Sales executive | Systems analyst | Urban designer

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