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Management, Organisation, and Leadership is an academic sub-discipline that prepares students with essential skills and knowledge to succeed in the corporate world. It includes communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and risk management to project management, motivation, delegation, creative thinking, and feedback sharing.

As a sub-discipline of business management, it incorporates key technical skills from other areas of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, international business, and many more. It primarily focuses on corporate policy and on how to maximize the performance and competitiveness of an organization. It is the responsibility of the manager of an organisation to maintain the business, plan goals, and ensure that the company's objectives are met. Students pursuing a degree in this discipline will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to fulfil these duties.


Study Levels

Aspiring professionals with relevant qualifications and skills may pursue undergraduate and graduate learning opportunities such as Bachelor's, Master's and even a Ph.D. Academic qualifications may vary from one institution to another, but most universities award.

The following degrees after successful completion of a course in management, organization, and leadership:

Associate Degree (Foundation degree)
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business and Marketing Management
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Management
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in International Business Management
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management
Master of Arts (MA) in Management
Master degree in insurance, Finance, and Risk Management
Master of Science (MSc.) in International Business
Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Management
Master of Education (M.Ed.)
Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)


Specialist courses are abundant in this sector, but the majority of them are focused on a particular industry or field.

Throwing Caps

Students can choose to specialize in areas like:

Applied International Management
Blockchain Management
Business Leadership and Change
Community Leadership
Construction Project Management
Data Analytics and Information Systems Management
Educational Leadership
Energy Engineering and Management
Engineering Management
Entrepreneurial Management
Event Management
Fashion & Luxury Management
Food and Agribusiness Management
Health Management & Leadership
Healthcare Leadership
Hospitality and Tourism Management

Human Resource Management (HRM)
Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship
International Management
Investment Management
Law Management
Leadership and Entrepreneurship
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership
Marketing Management
Operation Management
Operations and Technology Management
Organizational Leadership
Real Estate Management
Social Pedagogy Leadership
Sport Management
Sports Management
Statistics and Information Management
Tourism Management
Wine & Spirits Management



Individuals with a degree in this field can follow a variety of career paths in industries, educational, healthcare, governmental and non-profit organisations. Each career option has unique objectives, necessitates a distinct set of skills, and is dependent on the qualities possessed by the individual.

Tasked with the management of operations and people, graduates in this sector are well-positioned to compete for a wide variety of positions that provide both attractive remuneration and opportunities to positively impact workplaces.


    Among the diverse management and leadership roles, the typical ones include:

    Business Adviser
    Business Development Manager
    City Managers
    College/University Administrator
    College/University President
    County Administrator
    Data Analyst
    General Manager
    Healthcare Executive or Administrator
    Human Resource Manager


    Industrial Production Manager
    Management Analyst
    Management Consultant
    Management Consultants
    Medical and Health Services Manager
    Operation Manager
    PR Specialist
    Sales Manager
    School Principals
    School Superintendent
    Strategic Planner
    Training and Development Manager
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