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Creative writing is a discipline of study that encourages and emphasizes original and unique practices in writing that differs from other formal styles of writing. The thrust of creative writing veers more towards the fictional though various non-fictional elements may be used and paraphrased in an original manner. Creative writing emphasises the narrative style of writing and has many potential areas of employment opportunities in wide-ranging fields.

Individuals with skills of innovation and imagination and who have a unique poetic sensibility have a promising future in this field (combining the two sentences as they're basically saying the same thing). Creative Writing students are encouraged to reveal their artistic expressions and inner feelings in their work. Creative Writing is closely related to other disciplines like Literature, Communication, and Philosophy. Students are taught how to read, analyse, and understand written texts in the aesthetic sense, as well as to create original content. Creative Writing helps students improve and develop writing and communication skills while also enhancing their creativity and imagination.


Study Levels:

Students interested in pursuing a degree in Creative Writing can do so at different levels. The following are the study levels that are offered under this sub-discipline:
B.A. in Creative Writing and Journalism
B.A. in English
B.A. in Creative Writing
B.A. in Professional Writing
B.A in English Literature
B.A. in Liberal Arts
M.A in English Literature
M.A in Creative writing
M Phil in Writing
M.A in Art and Media Studies
M.A in Screen Writing


Creative Writing is a broad discipline and opens up massive areas of innovative applications and job market opportunities. It offers various job opportunities and areas of specialisation which one can choose according to one's passion and skills.

The following are the areas of specialisation that are offered under this sub-discipline:

Throwing Caps

Film making
Digital marketing
Article writing

Writing for Performance
Reviewing Research literature
Comedy Writing and Performance



Creative writers have a myriad of employment opportunities before them. Creative writers are recruited in publishing houses, by newspaper agencies and magazine companies, to name a few. They engage in employment opportunities as creative content writers for newspapers, in addition to working as article writers in magazines. They can also work as literature reviewers and as film critics and screenwriters.
Creative writers attributable to their skills of imagination and innovation can engage in writing creative works of fiction and produce valuable pieces of literature. Creative writers can also work in job positions as social media specialists in addition to working in areas of journalistic writings.
Blogging remains an upcoming promising field of exploration for creative writers in addition to working as freelancers. Creative writers hence have a promising career alternative depending on their skills of innovation, imagination in addition to creativity.


    Job roles include:
    Creative Director
    Fiction Writer


    Play Writer
    Web Content Manager
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