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English literature is a vast area of study as it covers a profuse number of writers and their works from across the Globe. With a history that is over a thousand years old, it has a long history of evolution and development. Besides works that are originally in English, translated works are also studied under English Literature. Its reach is broad and offers several areas of specialisation as well as job opportunities.

As a discipline, it looks at how Literature is a study of the human condition, of society, history, thought, philosophy, sensibilities, etc., and how it relates to other cultural objects like films, visual arts, and digital media. Literature is closely related to other disciplines like History, Philosophy, and Language. The study program covers subjects like fiction, poetry, drama, classical literature, and women's literature. Literature students develop several transferable skills like communication, writing, critical and analytical thinking.


Study Levels:

Knowledge of English Literature is encouraged among students right from the school level. However, interested students who wish to study the subject further can pursue it at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate levels.
The following are the study levels that are extended under this area of study:
Bachelor of Arts(B.A) in English Literature
B.A. in English Language and Literature
B.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing
B.A. in Modern and Classical Languages and Literature
B.A. in World Languages and Literature
Master of Arts(M.A) in English Literature
M.A. in Comparative Literature
M.A. in English
M.A. in Medieval Literature and Culture
M Phil in Literature


English literature is an extensive area of study and covers biographies, fiction, nonfiction in addition to profuse other genres of work that are collected from across the Globe. English literature is an umbrella term and further includes several translated works that are studied.
The following are the specialisations that are offered under English literature:
Classical Literature
Modern European Drama
Contemporary Literature

Throwing Caps

Literary Criticism
British Literature
American Literature
Forms of Popular Fiction

Literary Theory
English Literature and Film studies
Creative Writing in English literature
English Literature and Culture
Postcolonial Literature
Feminist studies



English Literature graduates have several career and job opportunities to choose from. Their degree will be useful to find jobs anywhere in the world. They can work as professors of reputable universities, across the Globe. They can also work as content writers in several companies in addition to working as article writers in a handful of Newspaper agencies besides producing valuable content in several magazines.
Individuals who study English Literature can be recruited by several publishing houses that hire candidates with good writing and communication skills. Television and film industries also recruit English literature students and creative writers who can produce valuable content in the field of scriptwriting.
Graduates can work as content writers in several companies in addition to working as article writers in a handful of newspaper agencies besides producing valuable content in several magazines.
They can also work as English language instructors in several coaching institutes, training students for international exams like IELTS. Translation jobs also suit students who study English literature. Individuals who study English Literature have a very high aptitude for imagination and hence can earn their living by working as writers in several publishing houses. Individuals are also employed in areas of communication since English literature students develop good communication skills during their course. English literature students therefore can engage in a myriad of employment opportunities according to the job market availabilities.


    Job roles that Literature students can take up are:
    Book Reviewer


    Creative Director
    Editorial Assistant
    Publishing Assistant
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