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Media Management is considered to be a specialised area of business administration that helps the students learn about conceiving, planning, developing, functioning, and building the brand of media enterprises. The integral aspect of media management professionals is to construct a bridge between the general theoretical knowledge of management and its application in the media industry. The course or programs in media management equip the aspirants in terms of development of a deeper understanding and various life experiences on how various functions such as production, marketing, human resources, finance, and operations are run at media houses.

Media management programs, like most professional courses, are a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application ensuring that the aspirant gets holistic exposure and learning in the field of media and communication. The programs focus on media economics, strategy, and media, and cultural policy. It also provides the students pursuing media management courses with an understanding of the latest concepts and practices for managing traditional and emergent media platforms.


Study Levels

The different study levels that are offered in this sub-discipline are:
Bachelor of Arts in Creative Business, Media Management
Bachelor of Arts Media and Media Management
Bachelor of Arts Television and Media Production
Bachelors in Media and Communications Management
Bachelor of Art Communication and Media Studies
Bachelor in Cinema and Media
Bachelor in Media and Event Management
Bachelor of Media Arts
Bachelor of Arts Media Management and Digital Marketing
Master in Media Management
Master in Content and Media Strategy
MS Media Management
Master of Arts in Digital Media Management


Apart from Media Management being a sub-disciple of its own, there are further specific areas of study to explore within this field. The various specialisations that can be found are:
Digital media
Entertainment/sports management
Multimedia journalism

Throwing Caps

New media
Public relations
Strategic communication
Media Cultures

Media Industries
Creative Industry Management
Content Writing



By the end of the course, the aspirants will have gained a number of skills that would equip them to join the media field and make them employees that are sought after. A few of these skills include strategy planning, tactics, and execution, community management, and understanding of the social web, writing skills, a creative mindset, and ability to keep up with trends, and many more. Media management is an intensive course program that combines the fields of both management and communications. Graduates of this discipline can land a variety of different kinds of jobs, but these positions are usually found in the realms of publishing, advertising, and public relations. Unlike most professional programs, a media management degree often means sidestepping an entry-level position for one higher up on the corporate ladder.


    This field offers a broad spectrum of career options, some of which are:
    Marketing Manager
    Media Planning Manager
    Senior Magazine / News Editor
    Director Of Integrated Marketing
    Senior Multimedia Producer
    Social Media Manager
    Head Of Digital Delivery
    Media Publisher
    Social Media Analyst


    The top companies/organisations that offer recruitment in Media Management are:
    T - Mobile
    JeffreyM Consulting
    Reserve Bank of India
    Publishing Houses
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