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Business Law also termed commercial law is a global career option. Individuals who study Commercial Law or Business Law deal with the matters of contracts in addition to aiding in matters of consumer-related problems. It is a very broad area of study and regulates matters related to appointments and hiring.

Students pursuing a Business Law degree will study the laws that are used between people and commercial institutes during a transaction. They will be provided the education and training required dealing with legal matters like contracts, frauds, litigation, and intellectual property to name a few. During the course, students can choose to specialise in a particular field. This course will enable them to develop their written and communication skills, problem-solving skills, negotiation skills, and decision-making skills. Business law or commercial law is a very broad area and a promising area of study that provides a myriad of options in terms of employment opportunities and specialisations.


Study levels

Interested candidates can pursue business Law degrees at different levels. These include:
B.A. in Law
BSc in Law and Policy
MA in Law
LLB in Commercial Law
LL.B. in Business law
LLM in Business law
MBA in Business law


Students who study Business Law or Commercial Law can specialise in several courses offered under this sub-discipline and hence can engage in a myriad of employment options. The following are some of the specialisations that are offered:
Property law
International Finance
Trademark Law and Practice

Throwing Caps

International Business Law
Cyber Law
Law, Technology, and Business
Taxation Law
Financial Management

International Corporate and Commercial Law
Law of Tort
International Commercial Law



To pursue careers in Law students usually have to appear for competitive examinations like CLAT, AIBE, and several other national and international examinations and entrance tests. It is a very promising career option and students can engage in specialising in different sectors offered under this sub-discipline. It deals with all the legal matters related to commercial transactions and commercial policies, and hence manifests its wide reach in terms of employment opportunities where students can work as legal advisors and attorney generals in several national as well as international courts.
Business Law graduates can engage in a myriad of employment opportunities. Law reporting is a field that is pursued by students with high knowledge in law-related affairs. In later stages of their career, individuals who study Business or Commercial law can also work in job positions as magistrates and judges.
Several law firms recruit individuals who have a degree in business or commercial law. Companies like Advaita Legal and Class Law hire business lawyers. Business lawyers also have the career alternative of working as Law teachers in national as well as international law universities. It is hence a global career and students with a passion in the related area of interest can pursue this promising career.


    Job roles for Business Law graduates are:
    Business Lawyer
    Finance Analyst
    Risk Analyst
    Loan Officer
    Compliance Officer


    Administrative Law Judge
    Human Resource Manager
    Communication and Media Manager
    Government Policy Advisor
    Procurement Specialist
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