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Criminal laws are laws that are applied, to forbid crime and to maintain the law and order of a nation. Criminal laws regulate the conduct in human society that has the potential to pose a threat to the safety and welfare of the citizens of a nation. Criminal laws of varied countries differ under the laws of the jurisdiction of a nation. Criminal laws ensure punishment against criminal offenses. Some of the crimes that fall under Criminal Law include theft, assault, murder, and treason. The purpose of Criminal or Penal Laws is to maintain peace and order in society by punishing lawbreakers and preventing them from violating certain rules.

Various offer Criminal Law degrees universities under professional degrees like LLB and LLM. Students who study Criminal Law gain knowledge of penal laws, the rights of citizens, and all aspects related to homicide, the death penalty, and other related issues. The main subjects covered in this discipline include Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Criminal Psychology, Juvenile Justice, and Penology to name a few. Persuasion skills in addition to excellent observational skills are very helpful, in addition to which students need to be bold and confident to succeed in this field.


Study levels

Interested candidates can pursue Criminal Law degrees at different study levels. The following are the study levels that fall under this sub-discipline:
Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice
B.A. in Justice Studies
B.A. in Law
Master of Arts in Criminology and Psychology
MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice
M.A. in Law
LL.B. in Criminal Law and Criminology
LL.M. in Criminal Law and Criminology
LL.M. in Criminal law and Commercial law
LL.M in Criminal and Business Law
Postgraduate Diploma in Criminal justice
M Phil in Criminology


Criminal Law offers several areas of specialisation and is divided into two categories, namely, misdemeanours and felonies, hence making the fact vivid that it is a very broad area of study. The following are a few of the specialisations that are offered under this sub-discipline:
Crime against Women
Human Rights
Domestic Abuse
Collective Violence And Criminal Justice System

Throwing Caps

Criminal Trial and Criminal Appeal
Criminal and Security Law
Criminal Drafting
Criminal Justice Administration

Law and Social Transformation
Criminal Psychology
Penology: Treatment of Offenders
Forensic Studies in Forensic Science



Criminal law is one of the most popular and substantial courses where students can pursue their studies in rhythm with their passion and area of interest. Several areas of specialisation are offered under this discipline that makes it very evident that this is an immensely broad area of study that provides several employment opportunities.

Graduates with a degree in Criminal Law can work as legal advisors and practice in national courts as criminal lawyers in addition to working as government advocates. They can also work as lectures in several national as well as international law colleges and universities.

Criminal lawyers usually work as public defenders or legal advisors. Most criminal lawyers practice in various national courts besides carrying on private practice of their own in their fTo pursue careers in Law students usually have to appear for competitive examinations like CLAT, AIBE, and several other national and international examinations and entrance tests. It is a very promising career option and students can engage in specialising in different sectors offered under this sub-discipline. It deals with all the legal matters related to commercial transactions and commercial policies, and hence manifests its wide reach in terms of employment opportunities where students can work as legal advisors and attorney generals in several national as well as international courts.

Business Law graduates can engage in a myriad of employment opportunities. Law reporting is a field that is pursued by students with high knowledge in law-related affairs. In later stages of their career, individuals who study Business or Commercial law can also work in job positions as magistrates and judges.

Several law firms recruit individuals who have a degree in business or commercial law. Companies like Advaita Legal and Class Law hire business lawyers. Business lawyers also have the career alternative of working as Law teachers in national as well as international law universities. It is hence a global career and students with a passion in the related area of interest can pursue this promising career.irms.


    Job roles for students with a degree in Criminal Law are:
    Criminal Lawyer


    Public Interest Lawyer
    Forensic Psychologist
    Criminal Investigator
    Secret Service Agent
    Crime Laboratory Analyst
    Police Officer
    Crime Scene Investigator
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