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Patent and Intellectual Property Law is a very significant area of legal studies that aids in preventing unauthorised access to certain innovations, protecting their originality, and saving one's hard work. This branch of legal studies focuses on the development and implementation of intellectual property rights such as trademarks, copyrights, licenses, and patents. Products that are protected under these laws include all types of inventions, gadgets, and ingredients to name a few.

A patent and intellectual property lawyer helps to protect one's invention from being used by others for business or other commercial purposes in an unauthorised manner. It is a form of copyright law that prevents the violation of exclusivity and helps to protect the authenticity of one's innovation and creativity.

Patent and Intellectual Property lawyers, to prevent the right to exclusivity and preserve the patent owner's rights, use different forms of trademarks. Patent and Intellectual Property Law is an important part of any LL.B or LL.M curriculum. Students are educated about all kinds of Patents including case studies and research work to increase their knowledge in this field.

This area of legal studies is a very promising career alternative as large businesses and creative content depend on these laws to protect them, widening the scope of employability, in the area of legal studies. Intellectual property lawyers help in advising several companies, creative workers as well as innovators in the process of preventing and registering their authenticity and copyright claims to help prevent plagiarism. There are several National as well as international universities that provide law courses in this field.


Study levels

Various universities provide patent and Intellectual Property Law degrees independently or as a part of a broader law program. The following are the study levels that are offered under this sub-discipline:
B.Sc. LLB (Hons) with specialization in Intellectual Property Rights
LL.B in Law with Social Justice
LL.B in Law with International Arbitration and Commercial Law
LL.B. in Intellectual Property Rights
LL.M in Comparative Intellectual Property Law
LL.M in Data Protection and Intellectual Property
Postgraduate Certificate in Trade Mark Law and Practice
Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Laws


Patent and Intellectual Property Law students can specialise in a wide area of studies in addition to engaging in a myriad of employment opportunities. The following are the areas of specialisations that are offered under this sub-discipline of legal studies:
The Law of Trade Marks
The Law of Copyrights
The Law of Patents
Patent Prosecution, Searching, and Drafting

Throwing Caps

Legal Framework of Trade Secret Protection
Investment Laws
Trade Marks
Trade Secrets
International System of Trade Secret Protection

Comparative Intellectual Property Law
European Intellectual Property Law
Intellectual Property law and Knowledge Management
International Intellectual Property Law



Many job prospects and career opportunities are available for students with a degree in Intellectual Property and Patent Law. Patent and Intellectual property Lawyers can work in the same field as legal advisors and advise companies about the process of protection of their rights, in addition to helping them register their creative works.
Intellectual Property attorneys aid in fighting the lawsuits by defending the companies they are representing in court. Intellectual Property attorneys are employed in government agencies and public companies in addition to working with several corporate houses.
Intellectual Property lawyers can also engage in job opportunities in several national as well as global law universities as law professors and shine bright in this field. Large businesses, as well as digital contents, are highly dependent on copyright claims and hence Intellectual Property attorneys are very high in demand and have a colossal opportunity to flourish in this area of legal studies.


    Job roles include:
    Intellectual Property Lawyer
    Patent Lawyer
    License Manager


    Business Attorney
    Copyright Attorney
    Intellectual Property Solicitor
    Patent Searcher and Analyst
    Legal Administrator
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