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Film, Photography, and Media studies target the well-favoured, artistic, and hospitable contents of cinema, television, and new screen technologies. It helps students focus on dominant practices like the global media, mass entertainment, Hollywood cinema, and indigenous media. It will also give them an understanding of the kind of work behind production with a special focus on the theoretical, cultural, and historical knowledge of the work. This field of study can be applied to a variety of careers like marketing, sales, advertising, broadcasting, performing arts, journalism, publishing, sports, and tourism.

Film, Photography, and Media courses combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills necessary to succeed in the fast-growing sector in film, photography, and the media. Students will learn about the major theories, debates and historical developments. It also combines it with creative practice to help students develop their creative and critical skills.


Study levels:

The study levels that are offered in Film, Photography, and Media are quite distinctive and give students so many opportunities and choices to pick from according to their strengths and weaknesses.

These study levels are:

Advanced Diploma of Film Production
Associate degree in 3D Design and Animation
Associate degree in Digital Media
Bachelor of 3D Design and Animation
Bachelor of Animation
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Broadcast Radio
Bachelor of Broadcast Television
Bachelor of Communication
Bachelor of Film Production
Bachelor of Film Writing and Television
Bachelor of International Media and Entertainment Business
Bachelor of Journalism
Bachelor of Media
Bachelor of Photography
Bachelor of Practical Filmmaking
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Screen Media
Diploma in Design
Diploma of Film, Television, and Animation
Graduate Diploma of Photography
Master of 3D Design and Animation
Master of Animation
Master of Arts
Master of Broadcast Radio
Master of Broadcast Television
Master of Communication
Master of Film Production
Master of Film Writing and Television
Master of International Media and Entertainment Business
Master of Journalism
Master of Media
Master of Photography
Master of Practical Filmmaking
Master of Science
Master of Screen Media
Postgraduate Diploma in Design
Postgraduate Diploma in Film and Photography
Postgraduate Diploma in Film, Television, and Animation
Postgraduate Diploma in Media Management


The specialisation subjects offered in these sub-disciplines are abundantly good study opportunities.

Some of these subjects are:

Throwing Caps


Acting and Directing
Advertising Photography
Aerial Photography
Audio Journalism
Commercial production
Celebrity Photography
Commercial Photography
Contemporary Cinema
Digital Journalism
Documentary Filmmaking
Electronic and Digital Media Production
Fine Art Photography
Game Development
Global Media
Mass Communication
Mass Communication and Media Literacy

Media and Diversity
Media Cultures
Media Industries
Media Psychology
Media Research
Media Technology
Nature Photography
Performance Studies
Public Relations
Script Editing
Travel Photography
Underwater Photography
Wedding Photography
Wildlife Photography



There are several options for employment for students pursuing the sub-discipline of Film, Photography, and Media.


    The various career options and job roles include:

    Film Director
    Broadcast Presenter
    Location Manager
    Camera Operator
    Program Researcher
    Art Director


    Video Editor
    Radio/television Announcers
    PR Specialist
    Writers and Authors
    Photographer: Magazines, TV Shows, Wedding, Nature, Aquatic, Travel or Landscapes.
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