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Urban Planning is also known as regional planning, town planning, city planning, or rural planning. It applies both the technical and political processes that focus on the design and development of the land, environment, infrastructure, transportation, communication, networking, and accessibility. It prepares plans for the governance and administration of towns, cities, and metropolitan regions. It aims to achieve a distribution of social, economic, and environmental aspects to define space into a well-planned and organised environment with historical and geographical elements.

The modernisation of urban planning started when a social movement in the 19th century arose to stand against the possible disorder of an industrial city. The common vision was to find an ideal city that would provide adequate sanitation, transportation goods, and civility to its people. This led to the desire of considering proper planning of things to balance out the social demands, economic growth, environmental acuity, and aesthetic attraction.

Urban Planning courses equip students with the right skills to excel in this field. These include effective communication, organization, and planning skills. The course curriculum focuses on the study of public spaces, cultural studies, budget planning, legal issues, environmental studies, infrastructure, design, and architecture. The main goal throughout each program is to develop multi-disciplinary urban planning skills that can be utilised for urban sustainability in real-world scenarios.


Study levels:

The study levels under which Urban Planning can be offered are:

Advanced Diploma in Urban Planning
Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Bachelor of City Planning
Bachelor of Design
Bachelor of Planning (B.Plan)
Bachelor of Regional and Town Planning
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning
Bachelor of Urban Development
Bachelor of Urban Planning
Diploma in Urban and Architectural programming
Diploma in Urban Planning
Graduate Diploma in Urban Planning
Master of Arts (MA)
Master of Business Administration
Master of City Planning
Master of Design (M.Des)
Master of Planning (M.Plan)
Master of Regional and Town Planning
Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Master of Urban and Regional Planning
Master of Urban Development
Master of Urban Planning
Postgraduate Diploma in International Planning
Postgraduate Diploma in Spatial Planning
Postgraduate Diploma in Town and Country Planning
Postgraduate Diploma in Transport and City Planning
Postgraduate Diploma in Urban Design
Postgraduate Diploma in Urban Planning and Development
Postgraduate Diploma in Urban Regeneration


The specialisation subjects that are offered in this sub-discipline are:

Throwing Caps


City Design and Development
Community Development
Decision Support & Geographical Information Systems
Economic Development
Environmental Development
Environmental Planning
Environmental Planning and Management
Environmental Policy and Planning
Environmental / Natural Resources Planning
Food Systems Planning
Geographic Information Systems
Hazard Mitigation / Disaster Recovery Planning
Historic Preservation

Housing and Development Planning
Housing, Community, and Economic Development
Information Technologies for Planning
International Development
International Development Group
Land Development Planning
Land Use and Code Enforcement
Multi-regional Planning System
Parks and Recreation
Planning Management/Finance
Real Estate
Sustainable Land-Use Planning
Transportation Planning
Urban Design
Urban Information System



The career options for graduates with a degree in Urban Planning are available in sectors such as:

Private Sector and Public Sector
Real estate


    The job options that are available for Urban Planning graduates are:

    Civil Service Administrator
    Community Development Worker
    Economic Development Planner
    Environmental Manager
    Estate Manager / Development Manager
    Fire Risk Assessor
    Historic Buildings Inspector / Conservation Officer
    Housing Manager / Officer
    Landscape Architect
    Local Government Officer
    Planning And Development Surveyor
    Regional Planner
    Resources Planner
    Sustainable Consultant
    Town Planner
    Transport Planner
    Urban Designer
    Urban Planner


    The Most Common Employers Of Urban Planners Are Found In The Sectors Of:

    Economic Development
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