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Computer Science mainly deals with software and software systems including theory, design, development, and application. Computer scientists usually design and analyze algorithms to work out programs and study the rendition of computer hardware and software. The foundation of computer science has been drawn from mathematics and engineering and integrates methods from queuing theory, probability and statistics, and electronic circuit design.

Computer Science courses enable students to gain expert knowledge in the theories, methods, practices, and strategies of computer science. They gain a better understanding of a variety of programming languages, computing architecture, construction, engineering as well as design. They are also well aware of computer software, tools, packages, and systems. Students also develop an awareness of and ability to respond to rapid technological changes and adapt them to their needs. In addition, they also gain a wide range of transferrable skills such as excellent numeracy skills, teamwork and leadership, creative thinking, time management and organization, communication, and strong problem-solving, analysis, and decision-making skills.


Study levels:

Some of the study levels that offer courses for computer science are:
Advanced Diploma in Computer Science
Associate degree in Computer Science
Bachelor of Applied Science
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Computer Science
Bachelor of Engineering
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Technology
Diploma in Computer Science
Master of Applied Science
Master of Arts
Master of Business Administration
Master of Computer Science
Master of Engineering
Master of Science
Master of Technology
Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science
Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science


A few of the popularly known specialisations in Computer Science are:

Throwing Caps

Specialisations in Computer Science

Advanced Operating Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Compiler Design
Computational Aesthetics
Computational Foundations
Computational Perceptions and Robotics
Computer and Network Security
Computer Animation
Computer Graphics
Data science
Database Systems: Concepts and Designs
Game Designing
Game Development
Geometric Modelling
High-Performance Computer Architecture
Human-centred Computing

Human-Computer Interaction
Information Management and Analytics
Information Security
Interactive Intelligence
Machine Learning
Mobile and Web Computing
Modelling and Simulations
Networks and Security
Programming Languages
Scientific Computing
Social Computing
Software Engineering
Software Theory
Systems Software Development
Theoretical Computer Science
Visual Analytics



With computer technologies playing an increasingly important role in modern-day aspects, the computer skills gained after graduation is in high demand in almost all sectors of industries.


    A few of the career options that are available from a degree in computer science are:
    2D / 3D Animator
    3D Modeller
    Animation Supervisor
    Animation Technical Director
    Application Analyst
    Application Developer
    Artificial Intelligence Specialist
    Big Data Engineer
    Bioinformatics Software Engineer
    Block chain Developer/Engineer
    Book Designer
    Business Intelligence Analyst
    Cinematic Artist
    Computer and Information Research Scientists
    Computer and Information Systems Manager
    Computer Forensics Investigator
    Computer Hardware Engineer
    Computer Network Architect
    Computer Programmer
    Computer Sales Support
    Computer Systems Analyst
    Cyber Security Analyst
    Cyber Security Consultant
    Cybersecurity Strategist
    Data Architect


    Data Scientist
    Data Visualization Analyst
    Database Administrator
    Document Imaging Specialist
    Electronics Engineer
    Ethical Hacker
    Forensic Computer Analyst
    Full-Stack Developer
    Game Designer
    Games Developer
    Health Information Tech Specialists
    Infographic Artist
    Information Architect
    Information Security Analyst
    Information Technology Consultant
    Interaction Designer
    IT Consultant
    IT Project Manager
    IT Sales Professional
    IT Trainer
    Machine Learning Engineer
    Mobile Application Developer
    Mobile Developer
    Motion Graphic Artist
    Multimedia Programmer
    Search Engine Optimization Specialist
    Security Administrator
    Software Developer
    Software Trainer
    Supply Chain Manager
    Systems Analyst
    Technical Writer
    Telecommunication Researcher
    UX/UI Designer
    Web Designer
    Web Developer
    Web Developer
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