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Terrorism and Security is a subject that studies terrorism and its social, political, domestic, and international implications along with other security-related issues. It focuses on analyzing the impact of terrorist activities on people and the counter-terrorism measures and policies. Terrorism and Security is a multidisciplinary approach that draws from other disciplines like history, international relations, sociology, and political science. The study program covers topics like cybersecurity, history of terrorism, warfare, aviation terrorism, and terrorist ideologies. The program is designed to explore terrorism and political violence that is caused by both state and non-state actors. The implications of International terrorism on the security of individuals, societies, states, and the global system as a whole are analyzed, including the measures taken to deter the violence.

Students of Terrorism and Security gain knowledge and information about terrorist groups, their strategies, terrorist financing, and illicit networks. The program will broaden their expertise in the fields of intelligence, law enforcement, and military and the ability to analyze counter-terrorism measures. Students will gain theoretical and empirical skills required to analyze and understand the issues of terrorism and security. They are equipped with a range of research-based and practical skills that make them eligible for careers in various fields and the resources to pursue further studies.


Study level:


Terrorism and Security courses can be pursued by students at various levels, these are:

Pre-Bachelor Degree in Cybersecurity Fundamentals
Pre-Bachelor Degree in War, Peace and International Relations
Pre-Bachelor Degree in War and Security Studies
Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs
Bachelor Degree in Cyber Security and Behaviour
Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Arts in Policing Studies
Bachelor of Science in Police Studies
Bachelor Degree in Security Management
Associate Degree in Counter-Terrorism Studies
Postgraduate Diploma in Cyber Security and Data Governance
Pre-master degree in Terrorism, International Crime, and Global Security
Master of Arts in Terrorism and Security Studies
Master of Arts in International Affairs
Master of Arts in Corruption and Governance
Master Degree in Law and Security
Master of Science in Countering Organised Crime and Terrorism
Master Degree in Conflict and Terrorism Studies
Master of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Master of Arts in Global Security and Strategy
Master of Arts in International Security
Master of Science in Peace and Development Work
Master of Science in Humanitarianism, Aid, and Conflict
Master Degree in Counter-Terrorism Studies
Ph.D. in Security Studies
Ph.D. in International Relations and Political Science
Ph.D. in Strategy and Security
Ph.D. in International Conflict Analysis


Terrorism and Security studies provide a number of fields of specialization, which students can opt for based on their interests, these are:

Throwing Caps

Students can choose to specialize in areas like:

Threat and Response to Terrorism
Contemporary Security and Intelligence
Domestic Security
Strategic and Security Studies
Global and Local Organised Crime
Global Security Challenges
Violent Extremism
International Politics

Dictators and Democrats
Conflict Resolution
Contemporary Terrorism
Terrorist Propaganda and Communication
Terrorist Financing
Transnational Organised Crime
Right-Wing Extremism and Terrorism.



Graduates with a degree in Terrorism and Security have the knowledge and skills required to explore a range of career opportunities both in the government and private sectors. They can find employment in fields like military, intelligence, law enforcement, civil and community organizations, and international agencies.


    The job roles include:

    Security Analyst
    Intelligence Analyst
    Risk Analyst
    Law Enforcement Officer
    Foreign Affairs Official


    Counterterrorism Analyst
    Emergency Management Director
    Director of Political Violence Forecasting
    Research Advisor
    Foreign Policy Fellow
    Lecturer / Professor
    Armed Forces
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