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In helping PhD research scholars, we guarantee a global Ph.D. admissions service. We assist the deserving student, with decent academic records or relevant work experience, in working toward acquiring a scholarship in their chosen field of research. A student stands a good chance for a Ph.D. offer/admission depending on their scores at the Masters level and their success with publishing a research paper that allows them to meet the entry requirements for the Ph.D.

How do we help? We provide academic support by reviewing and refining research proposals to the standards expected at a higher level of education. This builds on a strong starting position whereby we can then move forward and help in establishing contact with University Supervisors. We assist students in exploring the possibilities of funding that are available for a particular research area and eventually acquiring an offer for a Ph.D. in a University. We explore all possibilities of procuring a scholarship/fellowship for students, however, this is not a guarantee. We ensure that we to apply with as many universities as possible, specifically the universities that offer funding and scholarships for the particular field of research that students are interested in. However, it is to be noted that scholarships and funding are generally available to students with the first division in their Masters Degree and who have published a research paper.   The following are some important aspects that ensure that the Ph.D. offer/admission process is completed successfully:

choice of
research topic

A research topic or a title for the research is to be finalized, as the first step. Once the research topic is decided on, the student is to prepare a research proposal, which is the starting point for any Ph.D. admission. We encourage the student to explore research prospects in their field of interest and write an initial draft proposal, following which AdmissionAbroad can guide them on how to refine it further. On reaching acceptable standards, it will be sent out to several universities that have a suitable Ph.D. supervisor available who could possibly guide the student in that particular field of research. We guide students on how to engage with supervisors and support with implementing any feedback that they receive on their proposal from the concerned university supervisors, and we ensure that the final proposal is of a quality acceptable for the Ph.D. offer. The proposal, therefore, remains to be the starting point of the Ph.D. application process.


Once we have completed the proposal, we make a concerted effort to explore the possibilities of a University Scholarship or funding available to the student for that particular research area. The idea is to initially explore the funding options that are available for them and, if they are eligible, help procure a seat in the university offering the scholarship.

filing the application

As a next step, we provide students a list of documents that are needed to formally file a PhD application. We then file and submit the application form and the proposal; along with all the communication the student would have had with the supervisor, to the particular University.


Finally, once we have established contact with the University and the concerned supervisor in the research department, we will move to seek a decision from the University on whether they are happy for the student to gain admission to Ph.D. with them. At this stage, the University may want to conduct a Skype or telephonic interview with the applicant. This is a very crucial stage and our counselors work closely with the student in preparation for the interview. 

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The stage mentioned above will conclude the decision of pursuing a PhD abroad right to receiving an offer letter from the concerned University applied to.


Students need to bear in mind that the PhD application process is not a straightforward process, it is demanding and requires decent bit of effort from them as potential research scholars. 

Price and Payments: PhD admissions is a long and tedious process, which involves a significant amount of research, administrative services and communications with universities and their guides to ensure a successful PhD enrolment. For these reasons, PhD application is one of the few services that we do have to levy charges on. We stay on top of our game throughout the entire process, and for the services rendered, we believe our charges are very reasonable. We encourage students to book an appointment with our PhD experts to discuss this further.

Upon successful procurement of the offer/admission from the University, we are happy to help with applications for the visa, and any guidance required on financials. Students will not be charged any separate fee for the visa application process, as it is included in the package. We believe that once the offer for a PhD is procured, getting a visa is not difficult. We would like to remind the applicants here that the timeline for a PhD admission can be anywhere between 12 to 16 weeks, from the date of the proposal being ready right to receiving an admission. As the admission process is long and demanding we welcome students to ask us any questions they might have at this stage or later. Our PhD experts are there to provide guidance and support.

Discovering DBA: Your Path to Advanced Business Excellence

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is an elite degree designed for seasoned professionals aiming to elevate their careers to unprecedented heights. At AdmissionAbroad, we're excited to introduce you to this distinguished qualification and shed light on its key differentiators compared to a traditional PhD.

What is DBA?

DBA is a doctoral-level program tailored for professionals who seek to combine rigorous academic research with practical business insights. Unlike a PhD that primarily focuses on contributing new knowledge to a specific field, DBA emphasises the application of research within real-world business contexts.

Key Differences Between DBA and PhD:

Phone on Desk

Focus and Purpose

  • PhD: Primarily oriented towards original research contribution and academia.


  • DBA: Centred around practical application of research to solve complex business challenges.

Furniture Designer

Research Approach

  • PhD: In-depth exploration of a narrow research topic, often leading to theoretical advancements.


  • DBA: Research directed towards addressing industry-specific issues, with emphasis on practical implications.


Target Audience

  • PhD: Typically pursued by those aiming for academic or research-oriented careers.


  • DBA: Tailored for seasoned executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals seeking advanced leadership roles.

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Global Relevance

  • PhD: Research outcomes contribute to academia and may have broader societal impact.


  • DBA: Focus on driving innovation and strategy within organisations, contributing to business growth.

Why Choose DBA with Us?

  • Experience Matters: Our seasoned consultants understand the unique needs of professionals pursuing DBA. With years of experience, we guide you through the intricacies of the application process.

  • Personalised Pathways: Just as no two careers are alike, no two DBA journeys are the same. We tailor our guidance to match your aspirations and professional background.

  • Strategic Insights: Our team's deep industry insights allow us to assist you in identifying the most relevant research areas for your DBA, ensuring your study contributes to real-world success.

  • Global Network: Our expertise spans across borders, giving you access to universities and programs worldwide that offer top-notch DBA experiences.


At AdmissionAbroad, we're committed to making your DBA aspirations a reality. Whether you're aiming to revolutionise your industry or lead your organisation to new heights, our team is here to ensure your DBA journey is not just educational, but transformative. Let's chart your path to advanced business excellence together!

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