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For a student in the pursuit of academic excellence, any sort of assistance is welcomed, especially when it comes as financial aid. A common misconception is that scholarship opportunities for higher education are available only to residents of a country and not to international students. We would like to make you aware that that is definitely not the case.

Universities are happy to award deserving students financial assistance. Financial aid can come in the form of scholarships, bursaries, fee waivers, substantial discounts on full-fee payments, and other forms of waivers. Universities and governments alike have identified the value that bright international students bring to their institutions and societies. This brings about a great sense of appeal, that draws in high-achieving students towards a specific university or country.

These scholarships are available through government and university-specific scholarships for undergraduate, postgraduate, and higher research degrees. AdmissionAbroad remains committed to helping you find every opportunity to be awarded a scholarship. We work with you in identifying and applying for scholarships relevant to you.



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