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Chemical Engineering is an academic discipline that applies natural sciences, experimental sciences, and life sciences, along with incorporating mathematics and engineering standards to convert raw materials into the most beneficial products. In trying to improve the production of chemical plants, this study area attempts to design, develop, transform, and manage resources. Chemical Engineers conduct a close examination of chemical reactions to better understand the primary processes of detailed specifications to rule out potential plans.
Chemical Engineers determine design and suggest design alternatives and test the same for quality purposes. Since building design is comparatively expensive, Chemical Engineers identify scientific needs for prototyping to predict plant performance. This method helps in gathering more information regarding necessary design data. Their role is also concerned with manufacturing giant machines and operating complex plants for executing large-scale industrial activities. These engineers hold an essential place in society because they work for the well-being of humans and the environment. In this regard, engineers strive to improve chemical innovations for sustainable development, renewable energy, treating diseases, and wastewater management. Chemical Engineering is a vast study discipline, and it does not stipulate within limited topics. Hence, the study of Chemical Engineering extends to the field of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, food processing and production, specialty chemicals, advanced materials, environmental studies, and branches likewise.


Study levels:


The study levels for Chemical Engineering are as follows:
Bachelor of Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering in Petroleum Engineering
Bachelor of Technology
Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering
Bachelor of Technology in Materials Science
Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
Bachelor of Chemistry
Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Physics
Master of Engineering
Master of Engineering in Chemical Engineering
Master of Technology
Master of Technology in Chemical Engineering
Master of Technology in Materials Science
Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
Master of Science in Chemistry
Master of Science in Biology
Master of Science in Biotechnology
Ph.D. in Engineering and Technology


Mentioned below are some of the areas of specialisation under Chemical Engineering:
Plant Design
Product Design
Environmental Engineering
Reactor Technology
Fiber Technology
Biochemical Engineering

Throwing Caps

Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Process Modelling
Chemical Technologist
Chemical Reactor
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Physical and Life Sciences

Contemporary Issues and Historical Perspectives
Materials Science and Engineering
Design and Economics
Process Dynamics and Control
Reaction Engineering



Chemical Engineers are some of the highest-paid engineers in the world. This opportunity makes Chemical Engineering an excellent choice to pursue. Since Chemical Engineers work to convert raw materials into valuable goods, they are in high demand in almost all industrial setups ranging from food industries, clothing industries, and vice versa. Chemical Engineers develop their skills and up skill in a broad range of engineering fundamentals across sub-disciplines. Their expertise in the field attracts exceptionally high salaries, mainly when employed in the oil and contracting industries, information technology industries, and healthcare, to name a few.


    The job roles included under this category are:
    Chemical Engineer
    Process Engineer
    Biochemical Engineer
    Blast Furnace Supervisor
    Food Hygiene Engineer
    Pharmaceutical Engineer
    Continuous Improvement Engineer
    Thermo-fluid Engineer
    Design Authority
    Project Manager
    Chemical Plant and System Operator
    Manufacturing Technician
    Product Technician
    Food Scientist
    Environmental Engineer
    Healthcare Engineer
    Co-operations Engineer
    Manufacturing Engineer
    Field Engineer
    Project Engineer


    Upon successful completion of Chemical Engineering, graduates are hired to work in some of the sectors mentioned below:
    Reliance Industries
    Oil and Natural Gas
    Abbot Laboratories
    Bristol-Myers Squibb
    Eli Lilly
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