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Engineering and Technology

Engineering and Technology is a broad field comprised of many sub-disciplines. It is a technical field of study that encompasses a wide array of topics, course material, both theoretical and practical. This educational discipline is dedicated to developing a unique system that benefits sectors such as infrastructure, communication, transport, devices, technology, to name a few. The discipline covers topics related to everything that deals with the design, maintenance and, manufacture of the devices, tools, and systems used by society.

One can hardly imagine living in the 21st century without basic technological amenities. We depend much on technology. Technology has acquired an indispensable part in our lives, from keeping tabs on the latest news developments to keeping in touch with our loved ones to commuting to work daily. Technology has become the backbone of the economy. Development in important sectors such as transportation, communications, infrastructure, medicine, and many more have been brought about by technology. This naturally means that a massive army of professionals with the required expertise is required to keep the industries, as mentioned earlier, up and running. This is where engineers come into the picture. If technology is the backbone of an economy, then engineers are the brain behind the system. Engineers and scientists are tasked with the massive responsibility and challenge to constantly innovate, improve, and invent technological marvels to make human life more comfortable and increasingly convenient. This means that an ocean of opportunities awaits engineers in multinational companies and an endless number of industries. Pursuing a degree in Engineering and Technology will open up a box of opportunities for candidates to make a difference and leave a lasting impact on society.


Engineering and Technology degrees can be pursued by interested candidates at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate levels. The various degrees that students can opt for include:

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.)
Bachelor in Engineering (BE)
Master of Technology (M.Tech)
Master of Engineering (ME)
PhD. or Doctoral degree in Engineering and Technology


Several specialisation fields exist in Engineering and Technology which students can opt for based on their interests. Specialising in a particular field gives them a deeper understanding of the subject. These include:



    Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering
    Chemical Engineering
    Civil Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Software Engineering
    Computer Science Engineering(CSE) or Information Technology(IT)
    Mechanical Engineering
    Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology
    Automobile Engineering
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    Ceramic Engineering
    Chemical Engineering
    Communications Engineering
    Environmental Engineering
    Tool Engineering
    Production Engineering
    Robotics Engineering
    Telecommunication Engineering
    Textile Engineering
    Power Engineering
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    Transportation Engineering
    Petroleum Engineering
    Electronic Engineering
    Marine Engineering
    Industrial Engineering
    Mechatronics Engineering
    Metallurgical engineering
    Mining Engineering
    Structural Engineering


Most technical universities in the country offer their students campus placements right after completing their degrees, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. After completing an undergraduate degree, students can sharpen their skills further and score better career opportunities by pursuing a postgraduate degree in a specific discipline.

Management is a popular career choice amongst graduates with an engineering degree. Many B.Tech students continue with a degree in Management after the completion of their undergraduate degrees. A degree in Management opens up a lot of opportunities to work in companies that offer high-paying jobs. A management degree offers a broader range and variety of career choices and responsibilities. Engineering students can also offer their dedicated service and sound technical knowledge to different organisations.

Some possible job titles include:

Computer Technician
Engineering Technician
Field Engineer
Tool Designer
Machine Designer
Process Engineer
Product Engineer
Power and Energy Engineer



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