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Museum Studies explore the study of museums and their role in the present cultures. It focuses on the philosophy underlying the museum ideas used by curators, staff, and historians. This entails acquiring, inspecting, and displaying public historical objects such as manuscripts, artworks, ornaments, armoury, pottery, buildings, and monuments.

It is an interdisciplinary field covering aspects of art, management, architecture, history, archaeology, anthropology, history, education, and philosophy. It focuses on the historical and theoretical aspects as well as the design, organization, and management of national and foreign museums and cultural institutions.

Through various theoretical and practical approaches, students will gain a profound understanding of museum operations such as development and evaluation, collection management, fundraising, and legal issues. Students will also learn about the significant role museums and cultural institutions play in educating the public and raising cultural heritage awareness on state, national and international levels.
Furthermore, it encourages students to understand the world and social evolution from a dynamic viewpoint, equipping them with a strong cultural context that enables them to associate works of art with history or technological artifacts with scientific advancement.


Study Levels

Museum Studies can be studied in various accreditations, at both the undergraduate level and postgraduate level. The following degrees are awarded to students after successful completion of a course:
Diploma / Certificate (Dip/Cert)
Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts
Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Curating
Bachelor of Arts in Art History
Bachelor of Arts in Art History, Heritage and Museum Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Modern History
Bachelor of Science in Conservation Studies
Bachelor of Science in Museum Studies
Master of Arts in Museum Studies
Master of Arts in Historic Buildings
Master of Arts in Art Gallery and Museum Studies
Master of Arts in Curatorial Practice
Master of Arts in Arts Management and Heritage Studies
Master of Science in Preservation Practices
Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Contemporary Art
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


Specialisation in a specific field will open new opportunities and help develop skills required to grow, improve and evolve.

Throwing Caps

Some of the specialties available in Museum Studies are:

Museum Studies and Archaeology
History of Art and Museum Studies
Heritage and Museum Studies
Conservation Studies
Curatorial Studies

Archives and Public History
Museum Evaluation
Museum Education and Administration
Museum and Gallery Marketing
Museum Theory and Practise



Museum Studies experts devote their careers to more than just showing historical artifacts. They strive to add significance and value to tourists. Graduates with a Bachelors's Degree in museum studies are well suited for entry-level roles whereas those with a Masters's Degree are well prepared for professional roles in museums.
The labour market for Museology graduates can be competitive, but with good academic credentials, students can access a variety of employment opportunities in both the private and public sectors. Furthermore, gaining experience through volunteering, work shadowing and internships is essential for a top-tier position in this field.
This program gives students access to work in museums, galleries, governmental entities, educational institutions, and other public and private organisations and businesses. Apart from these, students may also be employed for roles in catering, digital media and technology, finance and fundraising, HR and recruitment, marketing, PR, and retail.


    Some of the popular job titles for a career in Museum Studies are:
    Museum Director
    Museum Librarian
    Exhibit Coordinators
    Coin Grader
    Documentation Specialist
    Curator and Conservator
    Museum Technicians
    Museum Educationist
    Museum Registrar
    Museum Relations Coordinator


    Visitor Services
    Director of Museum Education
    Outreach Director
    Cultural Heritage Information Professional
    Collections Assistant
    Loss Mitigation Specialist
    Tour Guide
    Gallery Assistant
    Research Assistant
    Exhibition Designer
    Heritage Manager
    Historic Buildings Inspector
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