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Real Estate and Property Management is the daily oversight of expenses and budgeting of residential, commercial, or industrial estates. It encompasses all appropriate methods for managing, administering, and selling land owned by another person or individual.

Real Estate and Property Management studies encompass six main areas: development, marketing, brokerage, management, lending, and professional services. It also includes principles from other fields such as finance, accounting, administration, and strategic management.

Programs in this area are designed to not only have comprehensive information on how to better handle and market different types of property assets, but also to keep students up to date on the new business trends, innovations, strategies, and technology.

There are both personal and career advantages for a degree in Real Estate and Property. The development of analytical and interpersonal skills achieves individual growth while knowledge obtained from this program can be used to improve property decisions in students' personal lives.


Study Levels

Students need the best preparation and education to serve as a basis for their dreams to be successful. They will find that completing a degree or certificate programme will help them acquire knowledge and skills that will help them succeed in their future endeavours.

A Real Estate and Property Management degree can be obtained through several undergraduate and postgraduate programs. These are:

Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Finance
Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Property Management
Bachelor of Arts in Property Development and Planning
Bachelor of Arts in Property Economics
Associate Degree in Real Estate and Property Management
Bachelor of Business Administration in Real Estate Finance and Management
Master of Science in Finance, Real Estate, and Hotel Development
Master of Science in Real Estate Management
Master of Science in Real Estate Investment
Master of Business Administration in Real Estate Management
Postgraduate Diploma / Certificate (PGDip/PGCert)


Specialisation restricts a student's ability to become an expert in a single field. The more they specialise, the more valuable and detailed knowledge they can acquire and be able to share with potential clients.
Specialisation in Real Estate and Property Management will include comprehensive training in the growth, investment, and financing of real estate projects.

Throwing Caps

Some of the areas of specialisation under this discipline include:

Assets and Facilities Management
Building and Construction Management
Civil Construction and Management
Commercial Real Estate
Property and Land Development
Property Valuation and Management
Real Estate and Economic Development
Real Estate and Entrepreneurship

Real Estate and Planning
Real Estate Development and Design
Real Estate Finance
Real Estate Law
Real Estate Management and Development
Sustainable Real Estate Development
Urban Business and Development



Real estate professions are diverse and require a high degree of transparency because they include dealing with high-value property properties. It also involves creating and tracking leads, marketing, coping with complex paperwork, providing customer service, and much more.

Graduates in Real Estate and Property Management may work in commercial, residential, private, and public sectors, as well as a variety of activities such as domestic, commercial, and industrial projects. Employers can vary from large multinational corporations to small private practices.


    The real estate industry is diverse and offers a variety of challenging and lucrative occupations, including:
    Administrative Services Manager
    Apartment Manager
    Building Rental Manager
    Commercial Appraiser
    Community Association Manager
    Construction Manager
    Corporate Real Estate Manager
    Foreclosure Specialist
    Homeowner Association Manager
    Land/Geomatics Surveyor
    Leasing Consultant
    Leasing Manager
    Onsite Property Manager
    Planning and Development Surveyor
    Property Manager
    Quantity Surveyor
    Real Estate Agent
    Real Estate Attorney
    Real Estate Investor
    Real Estate Managing Broker
    Residential Appraiser
    Rural Practice Surveyor


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