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A video game is an electronic gaming interaction between a user interface and a gaming system, such as mobiles, computers, and laptops that use input devices such as a joystick, controller, keyboard, and motion sensors, to provide feedback to the system so that it can respond accordingly.

Multimedia is another form of communication that uses different materials of audio, moving- images, video, and animation together to digitally process integrated text and graphics. It can also be used in a more physiological simulation with special effects to bring out a better realistic experience for users.
Together, video games and multimedia have delivered a form of entertainment and socialization through online gaming platforms. It has been able to promote cooperation with other players as well as familiarise and prepare children for the constant growth and advancement of technology.

Video games and Multimedia courses focus on the theories and concepts of game design and multimedia content creation for a variety of platforms. These courses provide students with in-depth knowledge and information on topics such as three-dimensional graphics, game analysis design, entertainment technology, game animation, and virtual reality applications, to name a few. Through these courses, students will develop exceptional research and programming capabilities to develop the software and hardware infrastructure needed to create future interactive games.


Study levels:

Some of the study levels that offer this program are:
Advanced Diploma in Game Art and 3D Game Content Creation
Advanced Diploma in Game Programming
Certificate course in Game Art and Design
Certificate in Gaming
Diploma in Animation, Gaming, and Special Effect
Diploma in Game Design and Integration
Diploma in Game Development
Diploma in Production Gaming
Graduate Certificate in Game Design
Bachelor in Computer Science
Bachelor in Digital Gaming and Interactive Media
Bachelor in Digital Multimedia
Bachelor in Game and Entertainment Design
Bachelor in Game Design
Bachelor in Media Animation & Design
Bachelor in Media Arts and Game Development
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Technology
Master in Computer Science
Master in Digital Gaming and Interactive Media
Master in Digital Multimedia
Master in Game and Entertainment Design
Master in Game Design
Master in Media Animation & Design
Master in Media Arts and Game Development
Master of Arts
Master of Business Administration
Master of Science
Master of Technology


Students of Video Games and Multimedia programs can pursue the following specialisations based on their interests:

Throwing Caps

Specialisations based on interests

2D Animation Production
3D Animation
3D Modelling
3Dd Graphics Primer
Advanced Games Design and Development
Advanced Modelling and Character Animation
Algorithm Design
Application of High-performance Libraries
Artificial Intelligence for Games
Computational Languages Acquisition
Computer Game Fundamentals
Computer Science and Web Technologies Primer
Computer Systems
Databases and Networks
Developing Interactive Media
Digital Graphics
Digital Media Design
Digital Media Technology
Drawing Concept Art for Computer Games

Game and Interactive Systems
Game Design and Development
Game Engine Development
Game Mechanics
High-Performance Programming Languages
Human-Computer Interaction
Installation Development Project
Mathematics for Computer science
Mobile Application Development
Object-Oriented Programming for Games and Digital Media
Programming Patterns for Games
Research methods for Games and Digital Media
Stop Motion Design
Systems Design and Analysis
Theory and Practice using Physics Engines
Website Production



Some of the career options that graduates can pursue from a course in Video Games and Multimedia are:


    Application Developer
    Art Designer
    Character Animator
    Cyber security Analyst
    Digital Communications Manager
    Digital Content Producer
    Digital Marketer
    Engagement Manager
    Front-end Web Developer
    Game Developer/Designer/Programmer
    Game Modeller
    IT Support
    Level Designer


    Multimedia Programmer
    Network Engineer
    Project Manager
    Social Media Manager
    Software Tester
    User Experience (UX) Designer
    User Interface (UI) Designer
    Web Designer
    Web/AR/VR Software Developer
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