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Adult Education is the process by which adults engage in systematic and intentional self-educating activities with the aim of acquiring new values, attitudes, knowledge, and skills. It assumes that adults can learn and want to learn and that they are able to take responsibility for their learning.

Adult Education programs train teachers to provide instructions to adult students who desire to increase their knowledge, gain credentials or seek a career path. By pursuing a degree in Adult Education students receive theoretical and practical knowledge and skills and the ability to apply them while teaching. They learn how to conduct discussions, collaborations, and activities to meet the needs and motivate adults. Adult Education students gain detailed knowledge on several topics like adult learning, instructional strategies, assessment, management, and marketing. They also develop critical-thinking skills in all aspects of life. In order to increase a student's knowledge and test their abilities seminars, lectures, fieldwork and research are conducted. Various Universities offer adult Education programs and the demand for graduates in this field have also increased in present years.


Study Levels:

Students interested in pursuing a degree in Adult Education can do so by enrolling themselves in Universities and Colleges offering the degree at various levels.
The various study levels for students to pursue a degree in Adult Education includes:
Bachelor of Education
Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies
Bachelor Degree in Education and Economics
Pre-Bachelor Foundation Certificate in Higher Education
Bachelor of Science in Adult Education
Bachelor of Arts in Human Development
Bachelor Degree in Adult and Organizational Development
Bachelor of Science in Child, Adult, and Family Services
Master Degree in Educational Sciences
Master in Adult Education and Human Resource Development
M.A. in Adult Learning and Global Change
Master in Adult Education for Social Change
Master of Science in Adult Continuing Education
Master of Education in Adult Learning
Ph.D. in Developmental Education
Ph.D. in Adult, Professional, and Community Education
Ph.D. in Teacher Education
Ph.D. in Higher Education
Doctor of Education


A degree in Adult Education offers specialisation in various areas that students can choose from depending on their interests. These are:

Throwing Caps


Remedial Education
Instructional Technology
Distance Education

Second Language Teaching
Organizational Learning
Education Technology
Human Resources Training



Pursuing a career in Adult Education can be very rewarding. There is a huge demand for professions from the Adult Education background to fill in job roles as teachers or trainers for students from various other fields of study. A degree in Adult education is very rewarding in terms of job satisfaction as well as offering a competitive pay package and opening up scores of job opportunities for students. Upon completion of the degree, graduates are instilled with the knowledge and skills that can be used by them to improve their career opportunities. Graduates of this field can find work in Colleges, Universities, the public or the private sector, depending on their personal preferences.


    The job titles are:
    Adult Literacy Teacher
    Vocational Instructor
    Remedial Education Teacher
    Community College Professor


    Training and Development Manager
    Corporate Trainer
    Training Coordinator
    Human Resources Training Expert
    GED Instructor
    Continuing Education Professor
    Literacy Specialist
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