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Plant and Crop Sciences involves the use of the scientific approach to study plants in all their forms and interactions. It includes studying the biological systems, soil, plants, biodiversity, climate, genetics, and field management. Plant Sciences looks into plant morphology, biogeography, classification, histology, physiology, and plant pathology. Crop Sciences looks at ways to improve crop and agricultural productivity and the effective management of pests. In all, the aim of this discipline is to analyze the interaction of plants and crops with the environment that they grow in. Plant and Crop Science is a branch of Agriculture that is multi-disciplinary and draws from other subjects like botany, genetics, environmental science, soil science, and entomology.

Students pursuing a degree in Plant and Crop Sciences will gain both practical and theoretical knowledge in the subject. They will gain relevant knowledge in areas like sustainable agriculture, field crop systems, pest management, seed biology, plant breeding, and genetics. Professionals in this field will be able to use natural resources to produce products like fuel, fiber, and food while protecting and conserving the natural environment. They ensure the growth, development, and quality of plants. Here, technology plays an important role in developing better plants and crops. Thus, students will be given the necessary training and information on how to combine technology and science.


Study Levels

Candidates interested in Plant and Crop Sciences can pursue a degree in the discipline at various levels:

B.Sc (Hons) in Plant Science
B.Sc in Horticulture (Plant Science)
Bachelor in Plant and Soil Science
Bachelor in Plant Science with Industrial or Professional Experience
Bachelor in Agriculture and Crop Science
Master Degree in Integrative Plant Sciences
M.Sc in Plant Science
Master Degree in Plant Pathology
Master Degree in Agricultural Science- Crop and Livestock Farming Systems
M.Sc in Plant Biotechnology
M.Sc in Plant Breeding
M.Sc in Crop Sciences
Master Degree in Crop Protection
Master Degree in Plant Genomics and Breeding
M.Sc in Plant Biology
Ph.D. in Biological Sciences- Plant Molecular Biology Specialization
Ph.D. in Plant Science
Ph.D. in Plant Pathology
Ph.D. in Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Nematology
Ph.D. in Soil and Crop Sciences


Students pursuing a degree in Plant and Crop Science have a number of areas of specializations that they can choose from. These areas of specialization will enable them to gain a deeper understanding of the subject.

Throwing Caps

The areas include:

Organic Agriculture
Plant Breeding and Genetics
Plant Computational Biology
Plant Evolution and Systematics
Plant Pathology
Plants and Human Health

Soil Science
Sustainable Plant Production
Role of Technology in Society
Management and Sustainable use of land
Forage Crops
World Agricultural Systems
Crop-Environment Interactions
Cropping Systems



Plant and Crop Science majors have a range of career choices to choose from. The job roles include:


    Floral Designer
    Plant Journalist
    Field Advisor
    Soil Scientist
    Greenhouse Manager
    Propagation Scientist
    Plant Breeder
    Landscape Scientist
    Environmental Scientist


    Horticultural Scientist
    Plant Biologist
    Crop Consultant
    Plant Researcher
    Seed Sales Representative
    Production Consultant
    Crop Care Manager
    Soil Management Specialist
    Weed Specialist
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