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Hospitality, Leisure, and Sports

Hospitality, Leisure, and Sports is a broad categorisation of different disciplines of management ranging from hospitality to travel and tourism to sports management. The five components of Hospitality are food, lodging, travel, tourism, and recreation. This discipline is designed to offer inputs for gaming, lodging facilities, sports business, vacation management, lease configuration, and many more. Courses from this discipline will provide unique insights into athletics, tourism, and entertainment. The revenue generated from hospitality has always played an important role in building the local economies. Students from this discipline will likely find themselves developing their socialising and networking skills valiantly, both personally and professionally.

This discipline covers topics like language, hospitality communication, food, and beverage service/production, housekeeping, hotel financial accounting, hygiene, and food safety, management principles and practices, hotel economics and statistics, hospitality law, value education, bakery and confectionery, bar management, food science, catering management, personality and communication development and many more topics that will professionally equip students with the right set of skills for this line of work.

This discipline is best suited for students who are energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate to serve people. Hospitality employees look at individuals with leadership qualities, active and organized working skills, and creativity skills, for recruitments. This line of employment has a lot more to offer than you might think. Every day has the capability of offering something new. It is quite usual to work in a multi-cultural environment for hospitality. This will open up a chance to work with a lot of people and gain more experience from different sources and backgrounds that can help to build one's communication skills, business skills, and management skills, giving a lot of room to grow, both personally and professionally.


Students who are planning to pursue a diploma, undergraduate, or postgraduate degree in this discipline can choose from a variety of courses such as:

Hospitality Management
Hotel Management
BVoc in Hotel Management
BBA in Hotel And Tourism Management
Hotel Management And Catering Technology
BSc in Hospitality And Tourism Studies
BSc in Hospitality And Catering Services
BSc in Hospitality, Tourism, And Catering
International Business In Hotel And Tourism Management
Travel and Tourism Management
Hospitality Finance and Marketing
Rooms Division Management
Travel and Customer Service
Sports Management


Hospitality, Leisure, and Sports is a vast discipline that expands across several fields. The specialisation subjects that are most popular in this discipline are:



    Hotel/Hospitality Management
    Bakery And Confectionery
Checking Lettuce Growth


    Travel And Tourism Management
    Catering, Food, And Beverage Service
    Front Office Management
    Culinary Arts
Fishing Net


    Tour Operations
    Sports Management
    Fares And Ticketing.


A Hospitality degree will help students get employment in the hotel and airline industries along with managing conferences, sales, events, and business development. It will most certainly provide a good career with a chance to work as a manager for different sorts of services.

Common job roles in this field are

Head of Banquet And Sales.
General Managers
Hospitality Manager/Assistant
Airport Cabin Crew
Air Ticketing and Ground Staff
Ground Staff and Ground Handling Activities
Restaurant Manager
Housekeeping Manager
Revenue Manager
Front Office Manager
Food And Beverage Manager
Housekeeping Supervisor
Hospitality Staff
Bakery Manager
Sales Manager
Assistant Sales Manager.



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