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Pursuing a line of career or study within the field of media comes with a huge responsibility. Over the years, many great personalities have time and again, left a comment about the power that media has over the masses. Jim Morrison once said that whoever controls the media controls the mind. Media Studies and Mass Media can be defined as the process of creation, distribution, receiving, and the analysis of messages to large audiences via verbal, written, and audio-visual mediums. It is quite an expansive field and it considers not only how and why a message is created, but the medium through which it is sent. These said mediums are extensive and include print, digital media, and the internet, social media, radio, and television. Mass communication is multi-disciplinary; it incorporates elements of related fields such as strategic communication, health communication, political communication, integrated marketing communications, journalism, entertainment, and more. Media Studies looks at the history and impact of the methods and tools of communication and Mass Media studies the different technologies and practices that are used to improve and make the communication of information to the masses easier. This discipline is offered by many universities as a joint degree in combination with other subjects.


Study Levels

The different study levels that are offered in this sub-discipline are:
BA in Mass Media
BA Media and Communication
BA Mass Communication and Video Production
BA Media Technologies
Bachelor of Communication and Media Marketing
BA Media and Communication Studies
Bachelor of Film Production
BA Film and Media Studies
BA Digital Media
BA in Script Writing
B.Sc in Mass Communication and Advertising
B.Sc in Mass Communication and Journalism
Bachelor of Media Science
MA Media Management
MA Film and Television Cinematography
MA Film and Television Producing
MA New Media
MA Film and Television - Screenwriting
MA in Communication
MA in Multimedia
Masters in Communication
Ph.D. in Journalism and Media
Ph.D. in Media Studies
Ph.D. in Media and Communications


Media Studies and Mass Media offer a wide range of specialisations. Mass Media and Media Studies as a discipline is a combination of many subjects.
The specialisations that are offered in this field are:
Media Studies
Film Studies
Video Production
Sound Design
Performance Studies
Mass Communication and Media Literacy

Throwing Caps

Electronic and Digital Media Production
Public Relations
Game Development
Graphic Designing
Art Design
Media Cultures
Media Industries

Digital Journalism
Creative Industry Management
Health Communication
Media Law and Ethics
Media and Diversity
Media and Creative Advertising
Health Communication
Script Writing



Aspirants who take media studies courses or declare a media studies major have a responsibility to analyse how the industry practices and content of mass media work. This includes radio, TV, film, newspapers, magazines, books, popular music, digital gaming, the internet, and social media. The shape and give us a perspective of the world of media around us. Aspirants who take up media studies courses are not just watching films or experimenting with various social media tools, rather, they are continuously learning the "how's" and the "whys" of communication and its wide-reaching effects on our culture, community, and government. Those lessons are anything but trivial. This field offers a broad spectrum of career options as it is a vast area of study.


    Some career options for students from this field include:
    Film Producer
    Film Director
    Sound Engineer
    Sound Mixer
    Advertising Management
    Art Director
    Public Relations Officer
    Script Writer
    Content Creator
    Television Producer
    Radio Producer
    News Editor
    Television Anchor
    Media Planner


    The top companies that offer recruitment in Media Studies and Mass Media are:
    Warner Brothers
    Amazon Prime
    Star Network
    TV Today
    Zee Network
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