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Healthcare Management refers to the overall management of healthcare facilities such as hospitals or a clinic. The course is also referred to as Health Administration; it is the administration and management of health care systems, public health systems, hospitals, or other medical facilities.
Health Management is offered under various degrees. Students can pursue it either in Business Schools or Schools of Public Health. The primary focus of Health Management programs is to provide students with business and administrative knowledge particularly in the field of healthcare. The discipline includes courses on public health care regulations, medical ethics, healthcare policies, and laws, healthcare financing, information technology, and operations management.

A Healthcare Manager with a degree in Health Management is usually in charge of ensuring that individual health departments function smoothly, that qualified employees are hired, and that resources are efficiently used among several other responsibilities.

To be successful in this field, students must possess important skills and qualities like leadership skills, analytical and critical thinking skills along interpersonal skills. Health Management graduates are qualified to make positive changes in the healthcare systems. They are equipped to understand laws, regulations, and technology related to healthcare and oversees all operations related to human resources, finance, and marketing within the system.


Study Levels:

A degree in Health Management can be pursued by interested candidates at different study levels. The different study levels are:
Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Administration
Bachelor of Nursing
Bachelor of Arts in Health and Human Services
Bachelor Degree in Health Science
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bachelor Degree in Health Information Technology
Bachelor of Arts in Public Health Studies
Bachelor Degree in Healthcare with Health Science
Bachelor of Arts in Health Administration and Policy
Bachelor of Science in Health Management
Postgraduate Certificate in Health Research
Postgraduate Diploma in International Healthcare Management
Master of Public Health (MPH)
Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Health Management
Master of Health Administration (MHA)
Master of Science in Healthcare Leadership
Master of Science in Public Health
Master Degree in Health Administration
Master Degree in Medical Law and Ethics
Master of Arts in Health Care Administration
Ph.D. in Health Management
Ph.D. in Nursing
Ph.D. in Public Health
Ph.D. in Health Sciences
Ph.D. in Health Policy


The field of Health Management offers a number of areas of concentration or specialisation, these are:
Health Care Informatics
Health Care Administration
Health Care Financial Management
Health Care Law and Policy
Health Care Economic
Management of Disease Control
Health Care Policies and Regulations

Throwing Caps

Hospital Enterprises Management
Management and Administration of Hospitals
Anatomy and Physiology
Information Management in Healthcare

Health Care Planning
Medico-Legal Issues
Fundamentals of Health Care Administration
Safety and Health Management
Community Health Management



Career and employment opportunities are plenty for Health Management students after their graduation as the degree ensures exciting future opportunities for them. The program prepares and trains students to show their leadership and innovative skills in the health care sector, skills that employers find very impressive.
A degree in healthcare management can open up doors to employment in areas such as hospitals, nursing care facilities, insurance companies, public health corporations, research departments, health management associations, and educational institutes.


    Job titles include:
    Hospital CEO
    Hospital Chief Finance Officer (CFO)
    Health Care Information Manager
    Operations Manager
    Oncology Coordinator
    Hospital Administrator


    Pharmaceutical Product Manager
    Health Informatics Manager
    Product Marketer
    Finance Specialist
    Patient Advocate
    Health Care Practice Manager
    Medical Group Administrator
    Clinical Human Resource Manager
    Health Insurer
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