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Nursing is a medical profession that focuses on taking care of individuals, families, and communities so as to maintain a healthy life and recover from any health problems. The study program covers learning and training in subjects like anatomy, physiology, nutrition, biology, chemistry, genetics and psychology, to name a few. Nursing degrees combine academic work with real-life experience and training to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge.

Nursing comprises four main fields, adult nursing, child nursing, mental health nursing and learning disability nursing. Students pursuing a Nursing degree can choose to become an expert in any of these fields. Some degrees also allow them to combine two fields of nursing.

Students are trained to design a plan of care, to work closely with doctors, therapists, patients and the patient's family as well as to collaborate with other medical team members to treat illnesses and improve health and wellbeing. Throughout the course, students will learn how to take care of patients by proving their health advice, managing their prescribed medication and ensuring that they recover quickly. During their study and work life, nurses develop several important skills like assessment, intervention, communication, critical thinking, human caring and problem-solving.

Nursing degrees provide freedom and flexibility in employment since graduates can find job opportunities anywhere around the world. Although most nursing degrees are obtained through on-campus learning, they can also be obtained through online classes. Students can enrol in online healthcare classes and courses, such as courses on how to teach through simulation or methods used in nursing education.


Study Levels:

There are numerous universities that offer nursing programmes. These universities offer Bachelor's Degrees that last four years, Masters Degrees that last two years, and Doctorate Degrees that last four to six years. There are also certificate and diploma programmes that last six months or longer.
The different Nursing degrees are:
Bachelor of Nursing
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Science in Adult Nursing
Bachelor of Science in International Nursing Studies
Bachelor of Science in Public Health
Bachelor of Science in Mental Health Nursing
Bachelor of Science in Learning Disability Nursing
Bachelor of Science in Children's Nursing
Master of Nursing
Master of Science in Nursing
Master of Arts in Nursing
Master of Science in Nursing and Health
Master of Science in Children's Nursing
Master Degree in Nursing Leadership and Administration
Master of Science in Adult Nursing
Master of Science in Mental Health Nursing
Master of Science in Learning Disability Nursing
Master of Science in Public Health
Master of Science in Community Public Health Nursing
Diploma in Practical Nursing
Associate Degree in Nursing
Post-master Certificate in Nursing
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Nursing


Nursing has four major areas of specialisation; however, it has evolved significantly with the introduction of a variety of areas of specialisation within the field. Students pursuing a nursing degree can choose to specialise in any area in order to gain specific knowledge and experience in that field.
Below is a list of specialised nursing courses available for students.
Adult Nursing
Children's Nursing
Mental Health Nursing
Learning Disability Nursing
Ambulatory Care Nursing
Cardiac Nursing

Throwing Caps

Case Management Nursing
Critical Care Nursing
Dialysis Nursing
Genetics Nursing
Geriatric Nursing

Neonatal Nursing
Oncology Nursing
Paediatric Nursing
Holistic Nursing
Medical-Surgical Nursing
Orthopaedic Nursing
Midwifery Nursing



Nursing is considered to be one of the noblest professions which give a person the chance to serve the community. Nursing degrees offer very good career prospects and job opportunities to graduates. They can find jobs in hospitals, government or private healthcare units, nursing homes, old-age homes, nursing training institutes, academic and research institutes and many others.


    Job roles that nursing students can pursue include:
    Staff Nurse
    Industrial Nurse
    Nursing Instructor
    Nurse Assistant


    Department Supervisor
    Community Health Nurse
    Teacher of Nursing
    Nursing Superintendent
    Military Nurse
    Home Care Nurse
    Ward Nurse
    Junior Psychiatric Nurse
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