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Public Health refers to the science that deals with the protection and improvement of the health and well-being of people and the community. It is concerned with protecting the health of the public, be it in a neighbourhood, a country, or a region of the world. Health not only means the absence of disease but it also includes the physical, psychological, and social wellbeing of people.

Public Health is an interdisciplinary field that draws from many other disciplines like social sciences, biology, epidemiology, and biostatistics. The study program includes researches conducted on public health issues, the creation of health policies, and undertaking educational activities to promote health and wellbeing. Students pursuing a degree in Public Health will be provided with solid knowledge about issues that impact the health of a population, healthcare systems, disease prevention, global health ethics, and environmental health issues.

People with Public Health degrees regularly work to keep people healthy and safe by preventing diseases and injury. They also take several initiatives to improve the overall well-being of society. These include vaccinations, clean air and water policies, suicide prevention, obesity education, smoking cessation, and family planning among many others. Public Health students develop useful communication, interpersonal, leadership, technical, and systematic thinking skills during their course.


Study Levels:

Public Health courses are offered by a number of Universities and Colleges around the world. Interested candidates can opt to pursue a degree at different study levels, these are:
Certificate Degree in Public Health
Associate Degree in Public Health
Graduate Diploma of Health
Bachelor of Public Health (BPH)
Bachelor of Arts in Public Health
Bachelor of Science in Adult Nursing
Bachelor of Science in Health Science
Bachelor of Arts in Health and Human Services
Bachelor of Arts in Community Psychology
Bachelor of Arts in Health Management
Bachelor of Arts in Medicine and Surgery
Bachelor Degree in Health and Physical Science
Master of Public Health (MPH)
Master of Arts in Public Health
Master of Science in Nursing
Master of Arts in Medicine and Surgery
Master of Science in Public Health and Health Promotion
Master Degree in Health Management
Master of Arts in Health Care Administration
Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Public Health
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Health and Wellbeing
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Medicine
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Occupational Safety and Health
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Environmental Health Sciences


Public Health is a vast topic that offers numerous areas of concentration for students to specialise in, these include:
Public Health Care Systems
Public Health Program Management
Health Education
Public Health Community Services
Health Intervention
Health Disparities

Throwing Caps

Nutrition and Public Health
Public Health Biology
Health and the Environment
Public Health Policy
Health Informatics

Social and Behavioural Health
Occupational Health
Public Health Ethics and Law
Global Health
Disaster and Emergency Management



A degree in Public Health provides graduates with the knowledge and skills to help them find career opportunities in various fields. They have the potential to work in health organisations, hospitals, maternity care centres, childcare centres, and many other such organisations.


    Job titles include:
    Community Health Worker
    Occupational Health Specialist
    Disease Investigator
    Public Health Analyst
    Public Health Educator
    Environmental Health Specialist
    Health Informatics Specialist
    Public Health Manager
    Global Health Professional
    Health Officer


    Public Health Information Officer
    Public Health Policy Coordinator
    Health Policy Advisor
    Research Analyst
    Health care Consultant
    Dietician or Nutritionist
    Emergency Management Specialist
    Public Health Nurse
    Social and Community Service Manager
    Social and Human Service Assistant
    Social Worker
    Substance Abuse and Behavioural Disorder Counsellor
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