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Public law is a branch of legal studies, which is significantly extensive and deals with the legal relationship between the government and its citizens, who are the state's subjects. It also deals with the situations between individuals and companies and how these affect the state. Public law is a very broad area of study and can be further divided into different categories namely, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Tax Law, and International Public law. Constitutional Law is concerned with the relations between a citizen and the different branches of the state. Administrative Law, however, covers different government agencies. It also governs the matters relating to the conflicts between individuals of a state and provides certain rules and regulations that protect the violation of the rights of the public.

Students pursuing a Public Law degree acquire all the necessary knowledge required to excel in this field. Some universities also include an internship or part-time training in the program so that students gain practical experience in this field. A career in public law is not for everyone. In order to succeed in this field, a student needs to be empathetic and passionate. Throughout this course, students will develop useful interpersonal, organization, negotiation, and communication skills.


Study levels

Public Law is a broad discipline that is offered by various universities throughout the world. The following are the study levels that are offered under this Sub-discipline:
Bachelor of Arts in Law, Economics and Public Policy
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
Master of Arts in Law
LL.B. in Public Law
LL.M. in Public Law
LL.M in Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution


Public Law is a very wide area of legal study and deals with all the matters related to the conflicts between the State and the public. It incorporates the areas of criminal laws and taxation in addition to all the administrative laws that govern a State. It is a very promising area of legal studies to pursue and provides several areas of specialisation.
The following are some of the major primary areas of specialisation that are offered under this discipline:
Human Rights Law
Constitutional law
Criminal law
Taxation Law

Throwing Caps

Procedural Law
Criminal Justice
Public Administration

Probation Law
Cyber Law
Legislative law
Judicial Law



Graduates with a degree in Public Law have several career opportunities and job prospects for them to choose from. They can work as legal advisors in several public sectors or as human rights lawyers.
They can also choose to work as Public Prosecutors and aid to resolve the conflicts that arise between the state as well as the public. Public lawyers also help in policy developments that assist in carrying out the functions of the state widening, thus its scope of employability.

Public law students can become law professors in several national as well as international law colleges. Public law is one of the oldest areas of legal studies and offers several promising career opportunities and alternatives to individuals who specialize in this area.


    Job roles include:


    Legal Advisor
    Policy Analyst
    Human Rights Advocate
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