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Social Sciences

Social science is a broad categorisation for disciplines that study human society and social relationships. It covers a plurality of fields outside the natural sciences and focuses on topics that are related to human behaviour, culture, (oxford comma for consistency with other content) and society. Social Science include disciplines like Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Economics, Gender & Sexuality Studies, International Relations, Cognitive Sciences, Archaeology, Criminology, European Studies, Public Policy, Ethnic Studies, Organisational Behaviour, Geography, and Political Science.

Social Science subjects combine theory and research. It is a branch of science that focuses on different aspects of human society and explores the interpersonal relationship of individuals as members of society which leads to the development of a culture (controversial and erroneous). There are a lot of career opportunities available for Social Science students right after graduation. Social Science is very important today since it can help improve society in many ways significantly by helping to better understand human beings as individuals as well as members of society.


Social Sciences include several disciplines; interested students can major in any of these at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate levels. These include:

B.A Sociology
M.A Sociology
M.S.W (Masters in Social Work)
B.A/B.Sc Anthropology
M.A/ M.Sc Anthropology
B.A Psychology
M.A Psychology
B.A Economics
M.A Economics
B.A. Gender and Sexuality Studies.
M.A. Gender and Sexuality Studies.
M.A. International Relations
M.A. Cognitive Sciences
B.A/ B.Sc Archaeology
M.A/ M.Sc Archaeology
B.A Criminology
M.A Criminology
M.A European Studies.
B.A. Public Policy
M.A. Public Policy
MBA Organisational Behaviour
B.A Geography
M.A Geography
B.A Political Science
M.A Political Science
M.Phil Political Science


Each discipline that falls under Social Sciences offers several specialisation fields that students can opt for based on their interests. These are:


Social Movements, Politics, and Social Change
Class and Stratification
Gender and Sexuality


Biological Anthropology
Socio-cultural Anthropology
Linguistic Anthropology


Clinical Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Counselling Psychology
Sports Psychology


Development Economics

Gender and Sexuality Studies:

Women and Gender History
Theories of Gender
Cultural Studies

International Relations:

Peace and Conflict Studies
International Political Economy
International History

Cognitive Science:

Language and Culture
Cognitive Behavioural Neuroscience


Prehistoric Archaeology
Bio archaeology
Classical Archaeology


Criminal Behaviour
Crime Statistics
Domestic Violence

Political Science:

Public Policy
Political Thought
Government and Politics



    Social Movements, Politics, and Social Change
    Class and Stratification
    Gender and Sexuality
Checking Lettuce Growth


    Biological Anthropology
    Sociocultural Anthropology
    Linguistic Anthropology
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