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Sociology is a Social Science that deals with the study of society, social life, social change, social causes and consequences of human behaviour. It involves the investigation of the structure of individuals, groups and organizations in society and how they interact with each other. Human Beings are social animals. Therefore, the subject matter of Sociology ranges from the intimate family to society at large. Sociology combines principles from a variety of other disciplines like Anthropology, Political Science, Economics, Social Work and Philosophy. The areas of focus include religion, social class, gender, race, shared beliefs and ethics.

Pursuing a degree in Sociology enables students to deal with various aspects of society like the psychological nature of men and women and the barriers that exist between different strata in society. Sociology students study the systems and structures that influence the way human beings interact with society as a whole and with one another. Besides theoretical and practical knowledge, students also gain transferrable skills like research and project development, analytical, interpersonal, cross-cultural and communication skills. The knowledge and research techniques offered by the subject can be applied to real-world situations like crimes, delinquency, welfare, educational reforms, peace and war. Sociology is an exciting degree that offers a wide range of employment opportunities to graduates,


Study level:


A number of Colleges and Universities around the world offer courses in Sociology at different levels. These are:

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
Bachelor Degree in Sociology of Organizations and Public Administration
Bachelor of Arts in Social Justice and Sustainability
Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Sociology
Bachelor Degree in Psychological Science and Sociology
Bachelor Degree in Sociology and Social Informatics
Bachelor Degree in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Social Policy
Bachelor of Science in Politics and Sociology
Bachelor of Science in Sociology
Master of Arts in Sociology
Master of Arts in Social Media and Society
Master Degree in Sociology and Social Research
Master of Arts in Cultural, Social and Political Thought
Master Degree in Social Analysis
Master of Science in Cultural Sociology
Master of Science in Population Studies
Master Degree in Youth, Education and Society
MPhil in Sociology
PhD in Sociology


The various areas of specialization for a degree in Sociology include:

Applied Sociology
Collective Behaviour

Throwing Caps

Students can choose to specialize in areas like:

Crime and Delinquency
Comparative Sociology
Cultural Sociology
Social Movements, Politics and Social Change
Economic Sociology

Gender and Sexuality
Health and Population
Historical Sociology
Race, Ethnicity and Migration
Social Network Analysis
Urban Sociology
Class and Stratification and Inequality
Biology and Society
Global and Transnational Sociology
Social Psychology
Social Theory



Pursuing a degree in Sociology opens up a range of career opportunities that are impactful and fulfilling for graduates. They can find employment in fields like welfare, education, social research, government organizations and several others.


    Possible job titles include:

    Social Worker
    Rehabilitation Counsellor
    Family Counsellor


    Human Resource Specialist
    Policy Analyst
    Labour Leader
    Market Survey Researcher
    Marriage Counsellor
    Lecturer / Teacher / Professor
    Community Development Worker
    International Aid Worker
    Special Education Needs Coordinator
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