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Organizational Behaviour is the study of human behaviour in an organizational setting, with each other and the organization as a whole. It deals with describing human behaviour and finding out the causes of such behaviour and how it affects the functioning of the organization. This is done by closely looking at factors like communication, motivation, group dynamics, leadership, performance management and human resource management. The study curriculum is designed to evaluate the importance of organizational behaviour and management and looks at relevant theories, concepts and case studies to address important questions related to organizational behaviour.

The organizational Behaviour program covers topics like leadership, decision-making, job satisfaction and motivation. It is influenced by other disciplines like psychology, sociology, economics and communication science. Students pursuing a degree in Organizational Behaviour will be able to analyse the behaviour of individuals and groups in an organization through theories and concepts and will be able to apply these theories and concepts to real-world management situations. They will develop good communication, organizational, critical thinking and resource management skills. Graduates will also be able to solve group-based problems, influence and make group decisions, negotiate and improve well-being at work.


Study level:


Candidates can pursue a degree in Organizational Behaviour at different study levels. These are:

Bachelor of Business Management
Bachelor Degree in Behavioural Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management
Bachelor of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership
Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Negotiation
Graduate Certificate in Intercultural Competence for the Workplace
Pre-master degree in Work Psychology and Business
Master of Arts in Human Resource Management
Master of Science in Global Human Resource Management
Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Psychology
Master of Science in Applied Behaviour Analysis
Master of Science in Organizational Studies
PhD in Organizational Behaviour
PhD in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management


The course on Organisational Behaviour aims to help students develop clarity on the fundamental aspects of individual behaviour, organisational behaviour, group behaviour and the dynamics of behaviour within an organisation. The course also aims to develop the student's understanding of the dynamics of an organisation, the organisation culture, organisation structure, organisational change, conflict and power. In order to be able to grasp all these knowledge areas, various areas of specialization are offered to students of Organizational Behaviour.

These include:

Throwing Caps

Students can choose to specialize in areas like:

Theories of Persuasion
Decision Making
People Analysis
Work Motivation
Power and Politics

Organisational Culture
Organizational Communication
Social Psychology
Sociology of Organizations
Managing Conflict and Negotiation
Human Resource Management



Graduates with a degree in Organizational Behaviour will have a variety of career options to choose from both in the private and public sectors. Job opportunities will be obtainable in fields that require knowledge of human behaviour in the workplace.


    The job titles for graduates of Organisational behaviour include:

    Organizational Behaviour Consultant
    Human Resource Manager
    Market Research Analyst
    Training and Development Manager


    Employee Relations Manager
    Technology Consultant
    Talent Management Coordinator
    Business Analyst
    Human Resource Specialist
    Recruitment Consultant
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