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Area and Cultural Studies is a sub-discipline that falls under the broad category of Social Science. Area Studies involves the study and analysis of a particular geographical, regional or cultural region. Meanwhile, cultural studies investigate and examine the behavior and practices of specific cultures from Asia, Africa, and America. The course attempts to understand certain phenomena like ideology, class structures, ethnicity, gender, and generation in certain cultures.

Area and Cultural Studies involve the combination of both Social Sciences and Humanities. The study programs in Area Studies include topics like international relations, history, political science, geography, and languages. The subject areas of Cultural Studies include Marxism, feminist theory, race theory, post-colonialism, history, political economy, art, and philosophy.

Pursuing a degree in Area and Cultural Studies allows students to choose a civilization to specialize in as well as the opportunity to study abroad and learn more about different cultures. They will receive both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, which will help them develop their international cultural sensibilities, become more open-minded towards other cultures, and improve their communication skills. A number of career opportunities are available for graduates in Area and Cultural Studies to choose from.


Study level:


Area and Cultural Studies programs are offered by various Universities and Colleges and at different study levels. These are:

Bachelor of Arts in Culture, Politics, and Society
Bachelor Degree in Heritage, Museums, and Conservation
Bachelor of Arts in Culture and Heritage
Bachelor of Arts in American and Ethnic Studies
Bachelor of Arts in History and Civilizations
Bachelor of Science in Anthropology
Master Degree in China Studies
Master of Arts in Russian Studies
Master of Arts in Nationalism Studies
Master of Arts in Language, Globalization and Intercultural Communication
Master Degree in North-American Culture Studies
Postgraduate Certificate in Tourism, Environmental and Cultural Heritage
Postgraduate Certificate in Heritage Materials Conservation
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Area Studies
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Cultural Studies
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Eurasian Studies
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in East Asian Studies


Area and Cultural Studies offers a variety of specializations options for students to choose from. These are:

Nationalism Studies
Societies in Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America
Texts and Cultures
Cultural, Literary, and Postcolonial Studies
Origins and Development of Cultures

Throwing Caps

Students can choose to specialize in areas like:

Race and Gender
Literature of South East Asia
Politics of Culture
Competing Identities

International Political Communication
Studies in Global Media
Transnational Communities and Diaspora
Religion and Global Politics
Race, Segregation, and Apartheid
White Supremacy in Colonies



Graduates with a degree in Area and Cultural Studies have exciting career opportunities both in their home countries and abroad. They have the knowledge and skills to work in international affairs, foreign trade, immigration, banking, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and diplomacy, among many other sectors.


    Some of the job roles include:

    Teacher or Lecturer
    Foreign Diplomat
    Foreign Affairs Minister
    International Lawyer
    NGO Volunteer
    Military Personnel
    Area Specialist


    Border Patrol Agent
    Bank Officer
    Cultural Affairs Officer
    Intelligence Analyst
    Intelligence Officer
    Public Affairs Officer
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