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American Studies is a social science sub-discipline that examines the United States of America and a larger picture of the continent. It looks at the historical, economic, political, and cultural impact that America has on other nations and people worldwide. American Studies covers areas like American literature, culture, society, political systems, and economics in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of America and its citizens. It draws from other disciplines like Literature, Economics, Political Science, and History giving, it a multi-disciplinary character.

The course module includes American Presidency, leadership and power, American film studies, American literature and social criticism, African American studies, American modernity, slavery, history and culture, and religion and American culture, to name a few. Pursuing a program in American Studies courses allow students to develop skills to critically analyze the historical, political, cultural, and social dimensions of America. Students also gain the knowledge and skills to apply what they have learned to real-life problems. Students of American Studies will have information and insight about different communities present in America like Indian Americans, Asian Americans, and African Americans.

A degree in American Studies prepares graduates for a variety of career options by ensuring that they possess all the requirements for employability.


Study level:


A number of colleges and universities offer programs in American Studies that interested candidates can pursue at different study levels. These include:

Bachelor of Arts in American Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with Emphasis on American Politics
Bachelor of Arts in Mexican American Studies
Bachelor of Arts in English and American Studies
Bachelor Degree in American Ethnic Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies
B.A. in American Indian Studies
B.A. in English and American Literature
LLB in American Law
Pre-Bachelor Degree in African American and African Diaspora Studies
Bachelor of Arts in United States Studies
B.A. in American Studies and Film Studies
Master of Arts in American Studies
Master of Arts in North American Studies
M.A. in United States Studies- History and Politics
LLM in American Legal Studies
Master of Arts in American Politics and Foreign Policy
Master of Science in International Relations of the Americas
M.A. in African American Studies
M.A. in Latin American Studies
Pre-Master Degree in U.S. Law and Policy
Ph.D. in American Studies
Ph.D. in Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Ph.D. in English and American Studies


Candidates pursuing a degree in American Studies can choose to specialize in several areas based on their interests in order to gain a deeper understanding of the subject. The areas of specialization are:

American Cultural Studies
American Literature
American History
American Political Institutions
American Democracy

Throwing Caps

Students can choose to specialize in areas like:

American Movie Industry
American Slavery
Civil Rights Movement
Politics and American Communities
African American Studies

Native American Studies
Law in America
Gender in America
Nature and Environment in American Culture
Politics and Media
Religion in American Life



Graduates with a degree in American Studies are exposed to a wide range of career options and opportunities in many fields. The job roles they can assume include:

Investment Banking Analyst


    Litigation Case Assistant
    School Teacher
    Freelance Research Assistant
    Public Relations Manager


    Broadcast Journalist
    Information Officer
    Museum/Gallery Curator
    Web Content Manager
    Cultural Program Coordinator
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