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Digital Communication is simply an organisation or an individual's online communication effort. It is focused on developing, utilising, assessing and regulating electronic communication technologies using computer applications. Specialists in Digital Communication implement marketing tactics and strategies to promote brands. They provide the public with information about different brands through social media, emails, vlogs, among others to attract customers.

Programmes in digital communication teach students how to creatively write and design digital media content, investigate the influence of digital technologies in businesses, arts and culture, examine digital media market implementations, develop methods to educate and convince target audiences and think critically to solve problems and adapt to latest technology environments. These programmes not only provide a solid professional foundation but also allows for hands-on learning with a strong corporate focus.

Students with a passion for human engagement and who want to put their creative and strategic abilities to use are highly regarded in this field. This field is perfectly ideal for individuals who want to hone their communication skills to make an impact either from within companies or in their ventures. They need to possess technical skills and expertise to work with digital products.


Study Levels

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Communications and Public Relations
Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media
Bachelor of Arts in Digital Marketing
Bachelor Degree in Media and Communication
Bachelor of Science in Digital Business Management
Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing
Bachelors in Communication
Master of Arts in Digital Communication
Master of Arts in Professional Communication
Master of Arts in Media and Communication Management
Master of Science in Digital Sciences
Master of Science in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce
Master of Business Administration in Marketing
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Digital Communication
Diploma / Certificate


Specialisation courses in Digital Communication allow the use of various digital technologies for communication purposes. It highlights the use of different digital channels and strategic techniques to target a broad spectrum of audiences. Furthermore, these courses improve an individual's prospects by increasing expertise, experience, productivity and output.

Throwing Caps

Students can choose to specialize in areas like:

Audio-visual Communication
Communication and Digital Transformation
Communication Design
Corporate and Digital Communication
Data Science and Communication
Digital Communication and Entrepreneurship
Digital Communication and Marketing
Digital Communication and Public Relations
Digital Communication and Transmedia
Digital Communication Studies
Digital Content Creation
Digital Fashion Communication
Digital Innovation
Digital Journalism

Digital Media and Communications
Digital Transformation and Leadership
Information and Communication Technology
International Communication Studies
Media and Digital Communications
Mobile Communication and Digital Content
Organisational Communication and Digital Innovation
Strategy and Digital Communication
Technologies and Languages of Communication
Visual Communication
Web Media & Graphic Communication



The demand for individuals with fluidity in different media platforms is growing thanks to the variety of networks used to communicate with current and potential clients. The ideal candidate for a career in digital communication must have at least a Bachelors Degree with relevant work experience. While strong writing skills are essential, ingenuity and fluency in effectively communicating through multiple media platforms are necessary for advancement in the industry.
The skills and knowledge acquired in this field can be applied to a variety of sectors seeking to improve their web visibility and engage with their targets to boost revenue. These include:
Motion Picture and Video Industries
Advertising, Public Relations and Related Services
Local Government
Multimedia Artists and Animators
Colleges, Universities and Professional Schools
Radio and Television Services
Photographic Processes
Desktop Publishing and Graphic Designers


    Popular job profiles in the digital communication industry include:
    Advertising Account Executive
    Advertising Specialist
    Communication Strategist
    Content Coordinator
    Digital Communication Manager
    Digital Entrepreneur
    Digital marketer
    Digital Marketing Strategist
    Digital Marketing Developer
    Digital Media Strategist
    Digital Specialist
    Electronic Marketing Specialist


    Graphic Designer
    Online Marketer
    Web Developer
    Marketing Director
    Marketing Manager
    Media Content Creator
    Media Planner
    Mobile Journalist
    New Media Storyteller
    Online Campaign Manager
    Social Media Coordinator
    Social Media Manager
    Social Media Strategist
    Transmedia Specialist
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