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Taxation is the act of collecting money from citizens and companies by government institutions to fund public services and goods. Taxation is an interdisciplinary study of the different types of taxes, including income, property, payroll, and real estate tax. It is typically a specialisation of an accounting program that draws on perspectives from law, economics, and finance. Tax professionals provide financial guidance and counselling to organizations to make important business decisions.

These programs assist students in obtaining the education and experience required to navigate the dynamic and ever-changing tax landscape. It allows for a more in-depth understanding of tax policy issues as well as technical aspects of taxation ranging from analysis to planning methods. Taxation students develop analytical and problem-solving skills by using critical thought, analysis, and technology to manage and present taxing information to others.

Various business schools and colleges around the world offer different certificates, diplomas, and degrees in Taxation. It can be pursued as a course on its own or as a specialisation within other business degrees.


Study Levels

In order to be able to pursue a degree in Taxation, students are required to possess a background in accounting or a related subject along with strong computer skills. Students can study taxation as an individual degree or as a combination of two degrees.

Most schools award the following degrees with a focus on Taxation:

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Accounting
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Finance
Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Accounting and Finance
Bachelor in Commerce (BCom) in Accounting
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting
Bachelor Degree in Taxation and Finance
Master in Science (MSc. / MTax) in Taxation
Master of Science (MSc.) in Accounting and Finance
Master of Science (MSc.) in International Business Tax Economics
Master in Commerce (MCom) in Accounting and Finance
Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Tax Management
Masters of Law (LLM) in Tax Laws
Postgraduate Diploma / Certificate (PGDip / PGCert) in Taxation


Specialisations are important for students who want to advance in their careers; these will provide skills that will enable students to gain access to a wide pool of potential employers, ranging from public sectors to global charities to multinational companies and specialist accounting firms.

Throwing Caps

Students can choose to specialize in areas like:

Accounting and Taxation
Banking and Taxation
Direct and Indirect Taxation
Finance and Taxation
International Taxation
Tax Accounting
Tax Laws
Tax Management

Income Tax
International Trade and Custom Duties
Exercise and Service Tax
Tax Procedures and Practices



Taxation degree holders are in very high demand thanks to the frequent change in the economic environment and the varying domestic and foreign tax laws. They are needed by most institutions to assist them in navigating creative solutions to some surprising problems.

Taxation careers are diverse and fast-paced necessitating not only intellectual abilities but also exceptional problem solving and communication skills. To succeed in the increasingly competitive world, professionals must possess creative insight, effective communication skills, and have a big-picture perspective.

Students can work in a variety of government and corporate sectors, such as economic services, banking sectors, research firms, economic consulting firms, customs departments, excise departments, import/export companies, airports, and docks.


    The various roles offered are:

    Financial Advisor
    Accounting Manager
    Bookkeeping Staff
    Budget Analyst
    Business Analyst
    Corporate Analyst
    Cost Accountant
    Employment Tax Specialist
    Equity Research Analyst
    Investment Banker
    Money Manager


    Revenue Agent
    Risk Analyst
    Tax Accountant
    Tax Advisor
    Tax Assistant
    Tax Attorney Specialist
    Tax Auditor
    Tax Collector
    Tax Consultant
    Tax Examiner
    Tax Manager
    Tax Policy Analyst
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