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Public Administration is the study of the implementation of government policies that influence individuals and society as a whole. It is concerned with the planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and controlling of government actions. It draws on several overlapping disciplines, including economics, city management, sociology, criminal justice, and political science, communications, finance, legal, health, and administration.

A public administration degree prepares students to manage public agencies, set budgets, and develop government policies ranging from environmental to social issues. These courses focus on excellent decision-making in order to enact strategies and actions that support the entire society. Simply put, public administration studies strive to increase the equity, fairness, stability, performance, and efficacy of public programs, often in a non-profit, non-taxable setting. A degree in Public Administration is useful for students who wish to pursue careers in the public sector, government institutions, and departments.


Study Levels

Students can study the sub-discipline of Public Administration at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
The different study levels include:
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Public Administration
Bachelor of Arts in Law, Economics, and Public Policy.
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Public Administration
Bachelor of Public Administration (B.P.A)
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Public Administration
Master of Arts (MA) in Public Administration
Master of Arts (MA) in International Public Affairs
Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Public Administration and Organisational Science
Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Public Policy
Executive MBA (EMBA)
Doctor of Public Administration (D.P.A)
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Diploma/Certificate in Public Administration


Students who choose a professional course in public management will be prepared for leadership positions in both the private and public sectors.

Throwing Caps

Students can choose to specialize in areas like:

Communication and the Public Sector
Criminal Justice
Economic Policy Management
Emergency Management
Emerging Technology and the Public Sector
Environmental Management
Health Policy and Public Administration
Homeland Security

International Business and Public Administration
International Public Management
Leadership and Public Service
Non-profit Management
Planning and Urban Affairs
Public Administration and Management
Public Administration and Organisational Science
Public Management
Public Policy Analysis
Public Sector Business Administration



A degree in public administration opens up the doors to promising careers in both government and non-governmental agencies. While qualified and professional public administrators are required in government agencies at the city, state, and federal levels, non-governmental organisations often employ public administrators to create, analyze and implement policies.
These public administrators may serve as State legislators to implement laws and regulations administer a municipality concerned with sustainable development, establish emissions targets with an environmental surveillance committee, or review current healthcare policies.


    Job roles for graduates with a degree in Public Administration include:
    Administrative Services Manager
    Budget Analyst
    Business Administrator
    City Manager
    City Manager
    City Planner
    Community Worker
    Education Administrators
    Event Coordinator
    Executive Director
    Foreign Correspondent
    Foreign Service Officer
    Fundraising Manager
    Government Administrator
    Human Resource Specialist
    Immigration Officer
    International Aid/Development Worker
    Investment Strategist
    Labour Relations Specialist
    Legislative Aide
    Non-Profit Administrator
    Policy Advisor
    Policy Researcher
    Political Advisor


    Population Studies Analyst
    Program Analyst
    Public Administration Consultant
    Public Affairs Consultant
    Public Policy Analyst
    Public Policy Historian
    Public Relations Consultant
    Public Speaking Consultant
    Tax Examiner
    Urban Planner
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