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European Studies is a degree offered by several academic colleges and universities around the world. It deals with the study of topics like the European Union, European Community, and society, and more. The study program is designed to provide knowledge and understanding about European and European Institutions from a political, economic, cultural, linguistic, and social point of view.

European Studies courses teach students about the different issues affecting European Countries and how to engage with Europe's complex past, present, and future. It is an interdisciplinary program that combines humanities and social sciences and draws from many other disciplines like political science, sociology, geography, and linguistics.

The important study topics include European Union (EU) Public Policy, European History, European Law, European Culture, and Foreign Policy and Diplomacy in Europe, to name a few. Besides English, students will have the opportunity to learn other modern languages throughout the course. Many Universities also allow students to take part in international exchange programs in order to gain a deeper understanding of how the European system works. European Studies equip students with useful skills like critical thinking, analytical, communication skills, and the ability to identify and find solutions to political and administrative problems in Europe.


Study level:


Initially, European Studies programs were only available in European countries. However, this course is now available at universities and colleges all over the world. European Studies degrees are offered at different study levels. These are:

Bachelor of Arts in European Studies
Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and European Studies
Bachelor of Science in European Studies
Bachelor Degree in European Cultures
Bachelor Degree in European Studies and Politics
Master of Arts in Advanced European Studies
Master of Arts in European and Eurasian Studies
Master Degree in European Studies
Master of Arts in European Linguistics
Master Degree in European Governance
Master Degree in Careers with the European Union
Master Degree in Medieval European Studies
Master of Science in European Politics and Governance
Master Degree in Advanced European and International Studies
Master Degree in Euroculture
Master Degree in International Economics and European Studies
Master Degree in European Union Studies and Human Rights
Postgraduate Diploma in European Union Law
Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) in European Studies
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in European Studies
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Central and East European Studies
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in European Politics


European Studies offers a number of areas of specialization, these are:

History of European Integration
Democracy and Representation in Europe
Europe and the World

Throwing Caps

Students can choose to specialize in areas like:

European Social and Cultural Policy
European Union
East European Studies
European Law
European History

European Economics
European Literary History
European Diversity
Institutional Law of the EU
Cities, Regions, and Borders in Europe
Comparative Politics and Government in Europe
Culture and Identity in Modern Europe
External Relations of the European Union



European Studies is a wide-ranging inter-disciplinary and intercultural study of Europe that provides a range of career options to graduates in this field. The job titles include:

Community Worker
Cultural Interpreter


    Foreign Diplomat
    Event Coordinator
    Foreign Correspondent
    Foreign Service Worker
    Government Administrator
    Human Resource Specialist
    International Lawyer


    Legal Secretary
    Policy Advisor
    Foreign Language Teacher
    Travel Agent
    Worker in International Organisations like the EU and UN.
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