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Ancient history is the collection of past occurrences from the beginning of recorded human history extending till post-classical history. There are two significant ways through which historians try to understand Ancient history. They comprehend it through Archaeology in addition to the study of Source texts. Ancient History is a discipline that involves the study of the society, culture, and politics of ancient civilizations. It draws from other disciplines like Philosophy, Anthropology, and Cultural Studies.

The study of the ancient history of mighty empires and great cities has significantly aided in forming modern civilized societies emphasizing its significance. A study of past events is very crucial for the management of the present times. The study of Ancient History through Archaeology provides immense areas of specialisation as well as career opportunities. A significant understanding of the past is pivotal to the preservation and sustainability of heritage and culture, especially those facing a great threat due to destructive anthropogenic activities. An interest in Ancient History thus is the need of the time because it promotes research as well as concern for the sustainability of historical heritage and culture. Ancient History students will develop research and critical thinking skills as well as the ability to develop historical theories.


Study Levels:

Ancient History can be pursued by interested students at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate levels.
The following are the study levels that fall under this sub-discipline:
B.A in History
M.A in History
M.A in Comparative History
B.Sc. in Archaeology
M.Sc. in Archaeology
M.A in Archaeology
M.A in Public History and Heritage
B.A in Art history
M.A in Art History
M.A in Museum Studies
B.A in Ancient History
M.A in Ancient History


The following are the areas of specialisation that are offered under Ancient History:
Ancient Worlds
Late Antique, medieval and early modern studies
Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance studies
Public History and Heritage

Throwing Caps

History and Heritage
Art History
Museum Studies
Classic and Ancient history
Ancient Cultures

Community Planning and Historic Preservation
Heritage Theory and Practice
Archival practice
Archaeology and Artefact Studies



A deeper understanding of the past is crucial for the proper comprehension and management of present societies. A careful study of the past empires and society aid in developing a better-civilized society in present times. The preservation of heritage compels a sustained interest in culture and respect for the past. Students who study ancient history can engage in varied employment opportunities in various regions of the world. It is indisputably a global career option since the preservation of human heritage is a global concern.
Qualified Ancient Historians are recruited by National and International Archive Centres. The significance of sustaining heritage and culture is immense hence individuals can address this global concern by engaging in a myriad of employment options according to the job market availabilities. Graduates with a degree in Ancient History can find employment opportunities in both the public as well as private sectors.


    Job roles that they can pursue include:
    Heritage Manager
    Historic Building Inspector


    Museum Education Officer
    Museum Curator
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