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Liberal Arts is an interdisciplinary subject that is connected to both Humanities and Social Sciences. The discipline covers areas like literature, language, music, history, and psychology to name a few. Liberal Arts education program is a Western form of education that defines the term art in the sense of a learned skill rather than specifically the fine arts. This form of education originated in ancient Greece and since then has spread over to various regions of the world. Liberal Arts exclude programs that are related to vocational, technical, and professional areas of study.

Students are exposed to different ideas and topics ranging from arts, science, and maths. Liberal Arts students develop important skills like critical and analytical thinking, communication, written and language skills. Most Liberal Arts programs offer students the opportunity to study abroad so that they can experience the life, culture, and art of different countries. Liberal Arts education gives students the necessary knowledge and skills required to thrive, adapt and find employment in the world.


Study Levels:

Liberal Arts programs are offered by various universities around the world. The following are the study levels that fall under this discipline:
B.A in Arts
B.A in Fine Arts
B.A in Fine Art Digital
B.A in New Media and Digital Culture
B.A in Sociology
B.A in Philosophy
B.A in Art history
B.A in Culture Studies
M.A. in Arts
M.A in Fine Arts
M.A in Fine Art Digital
M.A in New Media and Digital Culture
M.A in sociology
M.A in Philosophy
M.A in Art History
M.A in Culture Studies


Liberal Arts is an interdisciplinary study and covers a wide-ranging array of subject areas. The modern program of study of Liberal Arts provides a wide range of specialisation areas under which a person can major and eventually chose a job market opportunity depending on his passion and area of interest.
The following are some of the areas of specialisation that are offered under Liberal Arts:
Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy

Throwing Caps

Theatre - Design Concentration
World Cinema - Masters foundation Program
Comparative Literary studies
Liberal studies

Specialization in Graphic design
Creative writing
Visual cultures and Art History
Classical studies
Theatre Studies
Professional creative Writing Courses
Drama therapy
Film and Photography



Graduates with a degree in Liberal Arts can engage in a host of employment opportunities. Given the wide range of areas for specialisation in several fields, Liberal Arts provide a great opportunity to engage in career opportunities tailored to one's passion and capacity. Liberal Arts students can engage in job positions such as Editors Publicists, Creative Writers, Speechwriters, and more.
Various reputable advertising agencies recruit creative writers who can produce valuable content, hence widening its scope of employability. A student with a degree in Liberal Arts can also engage in writing for cinematic representations in addition to rendering services in the field of translation, and interpretation besides communication.
They can also work in Non- profit organisations. It opens up a surfeit of global career options in terms of writing, management as well as publishing to name a few.


    Job roles for Liberal Arts students are:


    Policy Analyst
    Public Relations Personnel
    Creative Writer
    Human Relations Officer
    Financial Analyst
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