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Christianity is one of the largest religions in the world. With a following of over 2.1 billion, is it safe to say that is also one of the fastest-growing religions in the world, having reached almost every nook and corner of the earth's surface? Christianity dates back to over 2000 years ago and is based upon three figureheads; The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit, or what is called The Holy Trinity. The religious book on which the religion is based and through which its teachings are derived is called the Bible. It is known to have a reputation for being the best-selling book of all time.

Christian Studies as a discipline, study the basic foundational aspects of the Bible, Christian Theology, the history of Christianity, non - Christian thought and Christian leadership, and Systematic Theology to name a few. Christian Studies explores the methods of understanding the intellectual, historical, and social contexts that led to the development of Christianity and also its evolution since its emergence.


Study Levels:

The different study levels that are offered in this sub-discipline are:
Bachelors of Religious Studies (BRS)
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Worldview and Apologetics
Bachelor of Arts in Theology
Bachelor of Biblical Studies
Bachelor of Christian Studies
Bachelor of Theology in Community Leadership: Christian Ministry
Bachelor of Science in Church Ministries
Bachelor of Ministry
Bachelor of Arts in Church Planting
Bachelor of Science in Biblical Counselling
MA in Bible Studies
MA in Church History and Theology
Master of Arts in Christian Ministry
Master of Divinity, Biblical Studies
MA in Public and Pastoral Leadership


Christian Studies is an intricate and vast discipline and branches out into further specifications. The intellect gathered from Christian Studies can be and is used in various fields of study.
The different specialisations that can be found are:
Christian History
Church Planting

Throwing Caps

Christian Psychology
Christian Counselling
Religion and Holistic Health

Religion and Peace
Christianity and Culture
Sociology and Christianity
Historical Theology
Systematic Theology
Practical Theology



Students who are keen on pursuing their line of study in Christian studies are usually students who come from a Christian background themselves. They wish to serve their church and community by enriching their knowledge of the religion through such courses. Colleges that offer Christian Studies as a subject are usually associated with various Christian denominations. They offer internship opportunities to their students during the course of the study so that they get hands-on experience of what church work is like and understand the true sense of community spirit instilled in them. Graduates of the course no doubt will have the skills and knowledge for leadership in their communities and congregations. However, it goes without saying that students who do not have a Christian background but have an interest in the subject also can pursue the course. Job opportunities that come with a degree in Christian Studies are not limited to church work alone; rather there are a plethora of job opportunities in this field.


    The various career choices include:
    Director of Christian non-profit organizations
    Clergy member
    Ministry Director
    Childcare Teacher for Bible Studies


    The top companies/ organisations that offer recruitment in Christian Studies are:
    Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
    InterVarsity Fellowships
    Samaritan Ministries International
    Samaritan's Purse
    World Vision Inc
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