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Philosophy studies are concerned with the general truths and questions about life and the nature of existence. Philosophy seeks to study the truth from a rational as well as an abstract perspective. It regards the general nature of human beings and the nature of their existence. The discipline has three main sub-fields: natural philosophy, metaphysical philosophy, and moral philosophy.
Ethics is the science of morality. Ethical studies are concerned with value studies and how these affect fundamental ideations of morality. It is a part of philosophy that deals with the fundamental values and moral principles that determine good human conduct. The sub-fields under this discipline are applied ethics, meta-ethics, and normative ethics.

Philosophy and Ethics examine human problems that are related to knowledge, existence, and moral behaviours. Ethical Philosophy as a discipline is concerned with the prescription of what is concerned to be the truth of good behaviour and bad behaviour. Philosophy and Ethics are interrelated and together set the principles that are concerned with the morality behind a set of values that are present in the society. Modern urbanisation and industrialisation have left no time and scope for a deeper understanding of the human mind and the true significance and purpose of life.

Students of Philosophy and Ethics aid in developing a deeper understanding of the veracious way of leading our lives. This discipline is ideal for students who are interested in Philosophy and Ethics and have a keen curiosity about the nature of moral truth, human conduct, abstract knowledge, and the nature and truth of human existence.


Study Levels:

Philosophy and Ethics is a broad discipline that can be pursued at different study levels. The following are the study levels that fall under this discipline:
B.A in Philosophy
B.A in Applied Ethics
B.A. in Philosophy, Ethics, and Values
B.A. in History, Ethics, and Human Behaviour
M.A in Philosophy of Humanity and Culture
M.A in Philosophy
M.A. in Media, Ethics, and Social Change
M.A. in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics
M.A. in Philosophy and Mental Health
M.Sc. in Philosophy of Contemporary Challenges
M.A in Applied Ethics
M Phil in Philosophy


Philosophy and Ethics are extensive areas of study and offer specialisation in various fields and areas of conduct. The following are the areas of specialisation that are offered:
Greek Philosophy
Indian Philosophy
Analytical Philosophy
Logic and Philosophy

Throwing Caps

Philosophy of Law
Continental Philosophy
Philosophy of Religion and Ethics

Ethics of Education
Experimental Philosophy



Students with a degree in Philosophy and Ethics have a wide range of employment opportunities in diverse fields. They can choose to work in several NGOs as social workers, in creative fields which largely enhance their inquisitive mind such as writing, or as policy analysts. Philosophy and Ethics students are well versed in areas of human truth and human conduct; hence they can smoothly work as counsellors and render valuable service towards humanity.


    Job roles include:
    Business Analyst
    Human Resource Manager
    Government Executive


    Humanitarian Worker
    Aid Worker
    Religious Leader
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