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Modern History is a branch of the larger discipline of History and alludes to the history of the world beginning after the Middle Ages. Modern History deals with events that have occurred since the Industrial Revolution and the Age of Reason. Modern history looks at different movements that have taken place in various countries and how these have shaped the process of development socially, economically, and politically. It examines events like revolutions, new ideologies, globalisation, forms of government, economic and political upheavals, etc. that have led to the modern contemporary world
History is not just the study of past events or humanity's evolution. The study of modern history helps us to develop a deeper understanding of the pattern of human civilisation and the developments in the economy and politics. It helps us to understand the significance of the pattern of human nature and helps us in shaping and preparing for future eventualities.

Modern history is a very vast subject area that inspects humanity's past events in terms of its evolution, political development, economic development, as well as various other significant phases. The study curriculum covers topics like democracy and governance, political thought, international peace, and conflict to name a few. Students of Modern History gain theoretical as well as practical knowledge. They are able to conduct historical research, gather information, and draw conclusions based on their findings.


Study Levels:

Modern History courses are offered by several universities around the world. The following are the study levels that fall under this sub-discipline:
B.A in History
BSc in History
B.A. in History and Politics
MSc in His
M.A in History
M Phil in History


Modern History is a broad discipline that offers several areas of specialisation in addition to many opportunities for employment. It offers various areas of specialisation which one can choose according to one's passion and job market availabilities.

The following are the specialisations offered:
Comparative History and Politics
Holocaust Studies
War History
Colonial History and Postcolonial History

Throwing Caps

Victorian Studies
International and Military History
Histories of Modern Masculinities and Sexualities
Historiography in the Modern West
Global History
History of Science and Technology

Nazism and Fascism in Europe and Asia
Approaches to Global History
Strategies of Imperial Control
Political Culture: War, Society, and Governance



A Modern History degree is very useful as it provides a range of career options and job opportunities for students to choose from. Students with a degree in Modern history have the knowledge and skills that most recruiters look for in their employees thus increasing their employability. They can work in public sectors as civil servants or engage in fields of politics and academia. Students of Modern history are also recruited in film academies where they work as writers and editors. They can also find employment in several educational institutions where they can work as professors as well as researchers.


    Job roles for Modern History graduates are:


    Museum Curator
    Academic Researcher
    History Expert
    Heritage Manager
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