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Religious Studies and Theology focus on the supernatural, divine, and sacred practices and institutions prevalent in society. Religious Studies deals with the spiritual aspect of a particular religion and the behaviour and practices associated with it. It is also a study of the general perception of a certain religion in today's time and analyses the cultural and social practices associated with a particular religion. This area of study aids in the research of religious institutions and general religious practices. Theology however regards the supernatural aspect of a particular religion and the form of worship practiced in that religion.

Religious studies and Theology enhances our understanding of our culture and aids us in dealing with the conflicts and tensions that exasperate out of religious misunderstandings. It studies the countless number of religions in this world in addition to analysing its religious scriptures along with observing the aggregate perception of several religions that are practiced by people. It aids in making our belief system more vivid and embracing with an enhanced humanitarian concern. Religious Studies and Theology is an interdisciplinary field that covers various topics like culture, economics, geography, conflict, and history to name a few. Individuals who study Religion and Theology have a deeper understanding of human nature in addition to having a great sense of compassion and empathy for humanity in general.


Study Levels:

Religious Studies and Theology degrees can be pursued by interested candidates at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate levels. The following are the study levels that are offered under this sub-discipline:
B.A. in Theology and Apologetics
B.Sc. in Religious Studies
B.A. in Religion, Culture, and Society
M.A. in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics
M.Sc. Religious Studies
M.A. Study of Religions


The profuse number of religions practiced in today's world helps broaden its area of specialisation and widens its scope of employability. It is a global area of study hence several national and international institutions provide specialisations in this field.

The following are the specialisations offered under this discipline:
Sociology of Religion
Protestant Theology
Geography of Religion
Christian Theology

Throwing Caps

History of Religion
Historical and Systematic Theology
Christian Studies
Indian Philosophy and Religion
Moral theology and ethics
Eastern and Indian Christian Spirituality

Spirituality and religion
Cultural Studies
Philosophy of Religion
Practical Theology
Divinity Studies
Pastoral Theology



Students with a degree in Religious Studies and Theology can engage in various careers across different fields. It is a very broad and noble profession where individuals can engage in several employment opportunities. Individuals who study Theology and religion specialise in analysing religious scriptures and hence can engage in employment opportunities as religious instructors and as professors in several national as well as international universities. Students who study Christian theology can also engage in employment opportunities as Church ministers and as priests in Churches across the globe. A deeper understanding of the religious scriptures and practices around the globe is the need of today's life which assists in resolving the conflicts across the globe and promotes humanity, enhancing the significance of studying this subject area.


    Job roles include:


    Community Development Worker
    Advice Worker
    Aid Worker
    Civil Service Worker
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